Blog #033 - Silent Hill Design, Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2

For my daily design I made something based on Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series. The actual image is more based on how he looks in the movie. 

Silent Hill Design 

Comments are recommended, I like to hear what people think. I also made a wallpaper version for anyone interested. 
Here it is:  View High Res

 Pyramid Head is coming to get you...
 Pyramid Head is coming to get you...

Dragon Age 2 

After 40 hours I finished Dragon Age 2. I expected to hate it, but I didn't. I really enjoyed it for what it was. While it'll never live up to Origins which is one of my favourite PC games of all time, it doesn't have to. It would be quite worrying if I had so many games vying for my attention at all times. I am content having enjoyed it. The same could be said for the other game I've been playing... 

Crysis 2 

You may or may not know that I'm a PC guy. I have Over 10 consoles too, but I feel in love with PC gaming a couple of years ago and it's my system of choice. For Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2. Much of the same things I said about Dragon Age 2, but I am blown away by Crysis 2. Everything except the open levels and destruction that I loved from the first game is here and better than I imagined. The cinematic presentation really excites me and I have enjoyed the story up to this point. It is poorly told especially at the beginning but the actual plot points are exciting to me. I dont have high standards for game stories, but as long as I'm happy it doesn't matter. Can't wait to finish it, must be near the end now. 
I'm also still playing Pokemon White but not much to say about that. Lvl 42 squad at the moment... just inside the flying gym. Better get back to it!