Blog #036 - Anatomy Of A Portal... 2

Ordered Portal 2. Waited. Didn't arrive. Played and finished Portal 1. Didn't arrive. So I made some portal 2 fan art.

Portal 2 Poster

I am a big fan of Saul Bass and made a Portal 2 poster in the style of his Anatomy of a Murder poster. I'm really pleased with it, but that always wears off.
I do a daily design blog, and this is design #119, Check it out. Give me feedback, I love it.

Here it is. Please leave comments, I love to see what people have to say.

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Anatomy Of A Portal 
Anatomy Of A Portal 

Other Jazz

I finished Pokemon White, second run of Dragon Age 2, Clash of Heroes (amazing game) and started Tales of Monkey Island. Gears 3 beta is pretty great.
I'm not here to give game impressions, that's not why people read my blogs.