Blog #047 - Dead Rising 2 Poster, Bastion, Farms, Dawn of War II

A lot going on at the moment. Start a new job on monday. Not exactly looking forward to it. Being greeted in to the wonderful world of self employment and taxes, don't understand a thing. Other than that: games!

Oh, and I also just cancelled my Whiskey Media Premium Membership. I pay monthly, and I think it's good value for how I use the sites but I should be getting a free years membership from Dave soon. Can't wait to see the new subscriber benefits soon.

Dead Rising 2 Poster

I have had this idea for a long time... at least, I think do. I tend not to write ideas down so they escape me for a long time and resurface. With nothing else to do for my daily design #218 I decided to do it while I had the chance. Surprise, surprise. Another minimalist game poster from me. I love Dead Rising 2 though. I created an impressive guide on the forums with the help of the community, and uploaded screenshots to the site of every combo card in the game. I like it a bit too much, maybe.

Let me know what you think. I love reading comments. View High Res here.

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My first export read "a game by CAMPCOM", a stupid mistake. They don't even make games, they are a gay boutique.

Bastion Soundtrack

If not for Giant Bomb's close coverage of this game, I may not have heard of it. I let most XBLA releases pass me by (though I own a lot of them). I loved the game, and felt it had some oddly powerful story moments despite being unabashedly 'gamey' throughout. Zia and Zulfs song (and the combo song for the credits) blew me away and really made the respective sections of the game more enjoyable.

Beautiful artwork. Nice headphones, Kid
Beautiful artwork. Nice headphones, Kid

People have been clamoring for a bastion soundtrack and SuperGiantGames delivered. I purchased a signed copy of the album, and while I wait for that to arrive I also got a digital version (which is all I really needed, but I want that album art by Jen Zee). Some great tracks, and even a bonus track of the narrator singing in his rough smokey voice. I suggest you go and buy it if you are a fan of Bastion. $10 for digital, $15 for CD.

Possibly my favourite song on the album.


Not going to talk much about this. I love the idea of resource management so I decided I'd try and play along with the interns. Having influence on the site, even if it is a competition between interns, is kind of cool. I already do everything I can on the site contribution wise so this is just an extension of that. I managed to do better in 1 hour than the inters did this whole week which isn't surprising given the circumstances they are under.

I don't intend to play much each day. Less than an hour. I'm also not putting any real money in to it at all. We'll see how it goes.

Dawn of War II

Completely separate from the Space Marine Quicklook, I decided to pick up Dawn of War II again. I bought Chaos Rising, but I cannot import my save as I had to format my drive so I am playing through it again. I am also playing it with 2 separate friends in a co-op campaign meaning I have 3 campaigns on the go. It is tiring. I wore myself out playing almost 15 missions 3 times and I just can't play it anymore. I think I will just have to give it some time and come back to it.

Dawn of War 2 is a great game though, I just dont think man was meant to play that much.

Soon my pretty... soon...
Soon my pretty... soon...

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