My favorite developers

Developers and the games they make that I love

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  • My first real PC game was a shareware copy of <i>Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold</i>, which was Apogee published. For Apogee developed games, there was <i>Raptor: Call of the Shadows</i>, <i>Rise of the Triad</i>, and <i>Stargunner</i>.


    <br>They published <i>Duke Nukem 3D</i> too, which is notable.

  • For all the <i>Super Robot Wars</i> games, which we in America need a whole lot more of. Licensing issues will likely never see it happen though.

  • For <i>The Elder Scrolls</i> franchise, and a bunch of decent <i>Terminator</i> first person-shooter games.

  • <i>Baldur's Gate</i> and <i>Neverwinter Nights</i>, and more recently </i>Mass Effect</i>. Bioware is perhaps my favorite developer of all.

  • The <i>Warcraft</i> series, before it became a MMOG, and <i>Diablo</i>. I've never played <i>Starcraft</i>, nor <i>World of Warcraft</i>, and I never want to.

  • The <i>Viewtiful Joe</i> games were awesome, and I wish I had played <i>Okami</i> too. Poor Clover, why must all the good development studios leave us far too soon?

  • I've played Epic's games for a long time, from the first <i>Unreal</i> to <i>Shadow Complex</i> and the <i>Gears of War</i> series. Looking forward to <i>Bulletstorm</i> too.


    <br>They even published a little game called <i>One Must Fall 2097</i>, which I played a heck of a lot of back in the day.

  • <i>Pokémon</i>, I have a need to catch them all. <i>Drill Dozer</i> was fun too.

  • <i>Wolfenstein 3D</i>, <i>Doom</i> and <i>Quake</i>, a lot of my PC gaming days were filled with id Software first-person shooters.

  • I love the Professor Layton games, and <i>Dragon Quest IX</i> which I've played endlessly.

  • I think my first LucasArts game was <i>Star Wars: Dark Forces</i>. Of course the whole Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series is awesome, but I really love LucasArts for <i>Star Wars: Tie Fighter</i>. I never owned the 'Collector's CD-ROM' version of the game, but to this day I still want a copy.

  • Oh, all my memories of early gaming on my Nintendo Entertainment System. There's also <i>Animal Crossing</i>, <i>Pikmin</i>, and many others.

  • Pretty much just <i>Bayonetta</i> and <i>Infinite Space</i>, two really fantastic games. I really want to play <i>Vanquish</i> and the upcoming <i>Anarchy Reigns</i> as well. I hope they don't close before their time like Clover.

  • Pretty much all their games for the Xbox 360, I am a fan of. Glad they were snatched up by Microsoft.

  • Before they became Square Enix, because I love the early <i>Final Fantasy</i> games. And <i>Chrono Trigger</i>, <i>Chrono Cross</i> and <i>Secret of Mana</i>, which I never played but I heard were good.

  • There's <i>Final Fantasy</i> of course, but also <i>Front Mission</i> and a bunch of other really cool games. For me, it's all about <i>Dragon Quest</i> though.