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Video Game Worlds I Would Live In

Video game worlds today are populated by NPC's who are just struggling to get by until some jackass Hero steals your ride and tips over your applecart.  This is a list of those worlds that I would like to make my home as one of the aforementioned citizens.

List items

  • The citizens of Haven city from the Jak and Daxter series are usually oppressed by something or another, but you wouldnt know it by the way they gleefully wander the streets. I imagine I would spend my days filling out insurance claims on my stolen rocket motorcycle and talking to the locals about having huge ears.

  • Imagine you have 1 thing to do today, some dumb little mundane task that you have been dreading and putting off for weeks. You need to deliever a letter, or collect 8 somethings from 8 monsters. When out of nowhere a guy riding a horse made out of %^&*ING FIRE comes along and agrees to take care of it for you! Man if only my days were that interesting.

  • Its the 80's, Ronald Regan is president, New-wave is all the rage, people wear zoobas in public. It will be years before we all realize how much all of those things suck. At the time though it all seemed awesome and people were exceedingly happy. This seemed especially true in Vice City, People dressed sharp and could discharge firearms without fingers.

  • If I lived in the capital wastelands I think I would move to the Republic of Dave. I follow orders well, and they are the only small settlement with the good sense to surround themselves with a fence. Thoughts like that are why I think I could make it in the Capital Wasteland. I dont have any survival skills, but I am an ideas man. Lets say the fence it breached by a Deathclaw, do you panic? Fight? Run? No, you build a suit of armor out of the local children! As little kids are indestructible in Fallout 3 a suit of children armor is perfect. There is a Michael Jackson joke in there somewhere but I chose not to go for it.

  • The Great Sea from The Legend of Zelda Windwaker. Is an absolute dream of mine. Living on a tropical Island sailing from place to place... PIRATES!?! (The Cool ones not the depressing Somalian ones) The setting of Windwaker is the main reason that it is THE BEST ZELDA GAME EVER... YEP! Another bonus to the vastness of the Great Sea is that there is an excellent chance you will never cross paths with the hero in this world. I can imagine how that would probably go. "Hey Ass! I just bought those clay pots! Looking for money? Why not get a job jerk!"