My First Ever Games

Here's a list of the first ever games that I played. The first game I remember playing is some crazy shareware RPG that came free on a disc with a copy of MacUser and ran on what must have been OS 7? Can't for the life of me remember what it was though.  
This list only includes notable games that have some technical significance, as when I was young the majority of the games I played were licensed movie games on the Playstation One. Yeah, licensed games sell.  
Probably when I get more time I'll add some more detail to each game. 

List items

  • When I say one of my first RTS games, I actually mean my first RTS. This game was introduced to me by a friend I had in primary (Americans: Elementary) school who recommended to me that I buy it, immediately. In those days I has absolutely no, and if I did I would spend it on Pokemon cards (duh!). So, instead, I entered a competition on a side of a corn flakes box. Four weeks later, and to my shock, I won! (To this day, the only thing I've ever won in a competition). I really enjoyed it and developed the classic RTS play style of amass a huge army before attacking anything. Not much else I can about the game really. Expect maybe that I used cheat codes to get to the final level. Ummm.

  • After I 'finished' Populous: The beginning I obviously, immediately went looking for more. I researched and found out that there was an expansion pack; undiscovered worlds. This turned out to be incredibly difficult to get a hold of, I'm assuming that only a small amount were ever made and the only way I could a hold of a copy was through ebay. The quest to get the expansion was actually more interesting than the item itself. All that's included is a recycled FMV sequence and 12 additional maps to play through. Still. I expect the copy I have of this is quite rare now.

  • Was suppose to be an educational game, but I never really saw it as that.

  • I remember it as regular 'ol Nanosaur. Came with one of the many Mac's that my dad bought

  • I remember it as power pete, never finished it but it was still great fun.

  • Fast paced fun filled action game

  • Masterpeice

  • Loved it, very technically advanced for the time it was released. Even though all the robots scared me.