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Soul Calibur IV Review 0

The Soul Calibur series is one of the many fighting game series out there, though this one has it unique differences from the rest. For example the ability to create your own character, or have your character level up and gain new abilities as time goes on. The main story for this game is you are a warrior that must defeat others in an attempt to claim the cursed sword, and stop the world destruction, or something along those lines.The graphics in the PlayStation 3 version look amazing. There ar...

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Magic Ball Review 0

Magic Ball is a PlayStation Network game in which you will be playing a version of brick in 3D. If you are unfamiliar with Brick it is a game in which you will be using a paddle to break bricks, but this time around you're going to be breaking objects that lie within the current level.The graphics look good. The camera angle is a bit odd and there are times where you're going to lose sight of the ball. Speaking of ball the choice of a soccer ball I find quite bizarre. The level themes are creati...

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Street Fighter IV Review 0

Street Fighter IV, in my mind, is the true sequel to the always popular Street Fighter 2. You will see the old roster of characters ranging from the ever popular Ryu to Vega and M.  Bison. This is the next  generation version of the series with new graphics. The graphics look smooth, and don't effect the actual flow of the game. Each character has a unique look, and you can see that the size of the character is the size of the hit box (which means the bigger the easier to hit, and visa versa). T...

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Flower Review 0

Flower is from the people that brought you flOw, and even though I have yet to play flOw I can tell you that Flower is an experience that you won't want to miss. In Flower you will be taking on the role as the wind, utilizing the six-axis controller you will breeze around the stages collecting flower petals from different flowers.The music and the sound alone make this one hell of a ride. The music draws you in and intangles itself with the visual experience that you receive. To be completely ho...

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Legendary Review 0

Legendary is a First Person Shoot in which you will be playing the role of Charles Deckard, international thief and gun for hire. You're assignment is to break into a museum and unlock Pandora's box. Sadly that all happens before you take control of the game, the game is the aftermath of what happened after the box was open. You'll have to fight through mythical monsters to get to the man that set you up for defeat. The sounds and music have their moments. The music for one, on some stages, rock...

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King's Bounty: The Legend Review 1

King's Bounty: The Legend is an updated version of the game King's Bounty. It isn't exactly a direct sequel to the early 90s game, but it isn't a complete remake either. If you've ever played any of the Heroes of Might and Magic, this is a game in the same vein. You will be taking control of a hero and will be venturing to different parts of the land building an army, completing missions, and discovering hidden treasure.The graphics for this PC game look good, they are right at the considered st...

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix 0

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is by the same company that brought you Puzzle Quest, D3. This time around instead of donning armor and a sword, you will be piloting a ship around the universe trying to restore order, and complete quests. For those who may think that this is just going to be the original Puzzle Quest, just re-skinned, you'd be wrong. The action has some similarities but the vast majority of it is different. This review is for the PC version, downloaded through Steam.The graphics look cr...

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Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Review 0

Banjo and Kazooie are back again to battle the evil witch Gruntilda. It has been many years since the heroes have seen action, and all had been peaceful until Grunty's head shows up, and then some mysterious being called the Lord of the Games (or LOG) shows up. LOG wants a final showdown between the two adversaries and decides that in order to determine a winner Banjo will have to play through many many levels using items he finds along the way to build machines to help him collect the puzzle pi...

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Resistance 2 0

Resistance 2 is the sequel to the PS3 game Resistance: Fall of Man. In this you will be taking on the role of a soldier that has been infected by the Chimera virus and it is your job to try to put an end to the Chimera attacks. You will have at your disposal a multitude of weapons, but when it comes down to it there's just going to be a couple that you're going to end up using the majority of the time.The graphics I have to say kind of disappointed me. They really didn't blow me away and left me...

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Mario Power Tennis Review 0

Have you ever played the really good game Mario Power Tennis for the Gamecube? Well if you have you've played this game completely with the exception of being able to use the Wii-mote to do your swinging. Now I know what you're thinking, is it going to be a disappointment like the Mario Baseball game, well we shall see.First off the graphics look like they haven't changed one bit, I know that we are talking about the jump from a Gamecube to a Wii, but there should be some difference. Actually in...

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Phantasy Star Portable 0

Phantasy Star Portable is the PSP version of the popular futuristic RPG. You will get to create your own character, assign characteristics to them, as well as choose a class. You will be part of an elite task force charge with keeping the mysterious SEED under control. You will also have at your disposal an arsenal of weapons and party members.The graphics for this game are pretty good, though on such a small screen you know that there is going to be some lose occurring throughout the game. I th...

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Fieldrunners Review 0

Fieldrunners is a desktop defense type game for the Apple i-pod Touch and i-phone. It will put you on one of three fields where you will have to build defenses against the invading armies with different types of weapon towers. This is a not a free game from the App Store.The graphics look really good and clean on the system. Each tower has a very unique look to it so there's no way to get confused between them. They also have very apparent upgrades so you can tell at what level that specific wea...

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Rune Frontier Review 0

If you've ever heard of Harvest Moon this game is something like it with a little added extra. You will be playing the part of a person on a mission to find a lost friend. You will become a farmer, crafter, adventurer, and so much more. You will get to meet several different people along the way and explore different locations as the game goes along. The main objective is to help the town, and to grow an amazing amount of plants and flowers.The graphics for this game look pretty good for a Wii g...

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NinjaTown Review 0

NinjaTown for the DS is yet another Tower Defense type game that seems to be flooding the marketplace. At first look this game looks a bit childish, and appears to be the type of game that is better suited for the young ones, but that would be a bad assumption. The complexity and strategy that you have to deploy throughout the 36 levels will require some keen intellect as well as some cut-throat strategies. In NinjaTown you will be placing buildings that will house different types of ninjas to h...

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Prince of Persia Review 0

Prince of Persia is the latest entry into the series. This is a game that basically leaves the Sands of Time mechanics and goes off on its own little spin. You will be running on wall, ceilings, jumping from pillar to pillar, climbing all over the place, and battling demonic bosses. The graphics in the this game are stunning, there are a couple of glitches when it comes to landing from a huge jump, but that really rarely happens. The levels look amazing as well, and I have to say that I'm a huge...

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MadWorld Review 0

This is Sega's attempt at trying to show how ultra violent games can appear on the Wii, if only publishers are willing to put it on that console. You will be playing a 3rd Person beat'em up game, where the object of the game is to eliminate your opponents as well as making it very colorful in how you do it. The graphics are the true strong point of this game. It feels like an old school black and white comic, where the only color is red, or the blood that will be getting spread around the level....

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Rolando Review 0

Rolando is a motion enhanced puzzle game created for the Apple I-pod Touch and I-phone. This is a game that you are going to have to drop some money on in order to get it through the app store. You will be taking control of one of several round fellows and will be using your tilting abilities to their best to get them through the level.The graphics are a bit cartoony and has a very smooth look. The different members of the game alll have thier unique look. That also goes with the look of the ene...

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Rhythm Heaven Review 0

Nintendo brings you another game which is built to utilize the touch screen of the DS. You will be going through levels of different rhythm themes and I can't stress enough how important staying on beat is. This is not a game for those who can't keep a beat.The graphics look hand drawn. It also leaves you wishing that maybe they put a little bit more into the game. It's not as crude as the Wario Ware levels, but its not that far off either. Some of the levels do look different which leads me to ...

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Suikoden Tierkreis Review 0

Suikoden Tierkreis is the latest addition to the popular Suikoden series. As with the old games this game will have you trying to collect 108 characters scattered, some hidden, throughout the land. As is the drill with the other games you will discover a base that will grow and change as you collect characters. The new twist in this game is that there are portals to other worlds, and you will meet other versions of characters from parellel universes.The graphics of course had to be simplified fo...

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Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure Review 0

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is a platformer for the DS that has a integrated puzzle aspect to it. You are Henry travelling through out the world to collect several different parts to the gentleman's suit. Each piece will make you that much stronger. Of course as all adventuring games go you're going to have a constant rival trying to throw obstacles in your path without ever really getting himself involved. If you are able to collect all the pieces you will be the perfect gentleman...

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Wario Land: Shake It! 0

Wario Land: Shake It! is the latest Wario game to find itself on to the Nintendo Wii. This time around you won't be playing a multitude of mini-games you'll actually be playing a side scrolling platformer with a cartoony looking Wario. You will be the reluctant hero, played by Wario, who is driven to save the world because of a magic sack that when shaken will never run out of coins.The graphics on this game as stated before are cartoony, which isn't a bad thing. You're not going to see any craz...

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Jeanne D'Arc Review 0

Have you ever wanted to play a tactics game loosely based on the Joan of Arc story, well I didn't think I would, but I have to say that I was happily mistaken. You will be playing the part of Jeanne, a small town girl that tries to help a fallen soldier only to have an armlet appear on her wrist. Then she starts to hear the voice of "god" telling her what she needs to do with the armlet. You will be playing through varying levels either to progress the story or perhaps level up those characters ...

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