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AlwaysAngry's top 3 metal songs of all time!

1. Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked. 

  It's rare to find metal quite as raw and heavy as this. Add the fact that the music and lyrics are all based on Egyptian mythology, and you have on of the best metal bands ever. 
2. Protest the Hero - Bone Marrow. 
  It's rare that I listen to a band such as Protest the Hero, but they do what they do to absolute perfection. With some of the most talented musicians (and vocalist, Rody Walker,) Protest the Hero is an amazing band. Each song tells a different story, and listening to the instrumental version of each song sounds like like a completely different song.  
 3. Cyptopsy -Slit Your Guts.        

      There really isn't much I can say about Cryptopsy. Possibly the most brutal death metal band ever, Cryptopsy sits at a close third on this list with Slit Your Guts. A violent, brutal, and all around amazing song. This is also my #1 song to throw my mic next to the speakers of my iPod when people decide to annoy the piss out of me online.
So, what are your favorite metal songs? Also, first blog on the forums, yay?