Most anticipated game from E3 2010.

List items

  • I'm probably going to hate this game more than Satan, but I'll play it until my fingers fall off. It's a SOCOM thing, you wouldn't understand...

  • The sequel to best my favorite all around game of all time. YES!

  • I LOVED Portal! Valve made it possible for me to play it by releasing it on the

    Xbox Live Arcade, and I love them for that. Now I can get the console version on launch day with the PS3 having the same luxuries as the PC version!? I love you Valve!

  • I loved Killzone 2, so this is a no brainer for me.

  • It's looking pretty good so far. Same about the dialog though. It's not in the so bad it's good category, it's just... bad.

  • I love Assassin's Creed II, which is strange because I only played the first for an hour before I hated it, and this is looking great. Online multiplayer? YEAH!

  • It's Gears of War, what can I say? I'll probably pick this up sometime, even if I'm not digging the sleeveless look.