Ryan Davis: King Of The Driveway

Ryan always knew how to wring a smile out of you, whether you knew it or not. He had this infectious exuberance that he brought to everything he did. This is one of the reasons I admired him so much, because no matter what he was doing he always seemed like he was having a blast at the time. From playing games to making connections with millions of strangers through the power of his voice and his presence, I feel like Ryan was able to reach out and plant himself firmly into our hearts.

I was extremely lucky I had the chance to meet Ryan Davis once. It was during the Whiskey Media days and I didn't have the nerve to approach him. Drew was very gracious enough to bring me over to Ryan and break the ice.Ryan had no doubt been working all day and no doubt was exhausted by hosting the weekly Friday live show. Nevertheless he found time to ask my name and pose for photo, always willing to meet a fan of the site.

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I take some solace that in looking for a picture of Ryan smiling, I merely had to go to the Jeff Gerstmann page where there is a literal flood of Ryan and Jeff having good times. In this hyper connected age it is a blessing that the numerous great times that Giant Bomb have had are commemorated and available.

There are several reasons why I grew so fond of Ryan Davis, but I think one image really encapsulates the spirit of how he lived his life.

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Loving every minute of it, making everything him around him glimmer with excitement and brilliant.

The world is far less charmingly garrulous now and we are nothing but poorer for it. However, I will take comfort in a simple irrefutable truth.

The fact that we love Ryan Davis and that Ryan Davis loved you.


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Remember the times - My trip to the old Whiskey Offices

I've been sitting on this for a better part of a year now. Of course it would take something like Whiskey getting sold to finally get off my ass and post this. Part of it is that my camera took blurry pictures, but the larger part is I was just lazy.

In any case, here are a bunch of (crappy) shots from when Giant Bomb still had a bar in the office. To date this, this was the Pengwill happy hour! (Here's my Tested themed recap)

When I first arrived, Ethan let me into the building an gave me a tour. Everyone there was super graceful about letting some random stranger into their place of work! I got to see stuff like the Control Room, podcast room, the bar! They took me over to the engineer bay and Dave showed me some stuff he was working on.

Then I was shuffled into the intern area until the show began. It was cool speaking with the then-terns Corey and Ben. When the show began I was able to sit on the flea couch, which is way cooler than it sounds. I took a bunch of pictures during the show and had a blast. Once again, everyone was super kind. Daniel brought me beers, Corey chatted with me throughout the show, Drew introduced me to Ryan when I was way too nervous to approach him myself. Ryan in his infinite grace, only berated me a little given he had just finished a long hard day of work (its amazing he tolerated me at all). The Tested crew showed me around and Will gave me popcorn which I ate! It was an amazing experience all around and I am thankful they were the kind of company to allow me to do something so fun. I'd like to think of this as a time capsule because a lot of this freewheeling nature might be inappropriate in a corporate workplace, also a lot of these people are parting ways.

Ethan relaxing
Ethan relaxing
Whiskey Family
Whiskey Family
Drew, Joey, Plus 1, a moment lost in time
Drew, Joey, Plus 1, a moment lost in time
Pat's Jurassic Love Affair
Pat's Jurassic Love Affair

Feels good to be #1 on a song

Thanks to 38 special I've got the best posted score to "Hold on Loosely" for xbox 360.   I managed to beat the only two other scores posted at 5 am in the morning.  I wonder how far down I will have fallen when I wake up later today.   I'm sorry for making this thread, this isn't something I should be super proud of.

  You can't beat 100%
 You can't beat 100%

The best part is my game glitched out and even though I got 100% of the song, it still counted as 99%.  Even though I'm technically #2 on the leaderboard due to the % mishap, my score is actually higher. 

Do we have any other Rock Band players who are somewhere on a leaderboard?  Feel free to talk about how the song is believed to be a metaphor for masturbation.

Quick and Dirty Bioware Dual DLC Sept 7th

Today was the launch of two Bioware game DLC content that I was really looking forward to.  The Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2 and Witch Hunt for Dragon Age.  I purchased both and now having completed both, can give some thoughts.  (But really I'm just going to rant)

I will be ranting about plot points in the game, so don't read on if you want to avoid that type of thing.

Both DLC kind of cover the same area.  What I mean is that both involve characters that were possible player romances and offer a sort of conclusion for the player.  (I remember Kotaku asking Bioware about releasing romance add-on DLC and one of the founders wrote a note down to consider it later).  Both DLC kind of hint that Liara for ME2 and Morrigan for DA are the crux of the story
For the Shadow Broker, I can recommend it 100%.  It continues in the great writing of the game, brings back the voice actors, features new and re-used art assets; worth every cent.  Not only is the production fantastic, it offers a self-contained story that feels like part of the plot.  It is very well integrated with the overall universe and leaves itself open for potential effects in Mass Effect 3.
On the other hand I thought the Witch Hunt DLC was very unsatisfying, but especially so when compared to the Mass Effect Shadow Broker DLC.  There was a much better sense of conclusion, and the character in question was much better developed.  It also seemed like a whole mess more work was put into Shadow Broker than Witch Hunt.
My major beef with Witch Hunt is how the story plays out.  I was really not expecting Morrigan to only show up at the end, say a few lines and then disappear with the game abruptly ending.  There are several good callbacks to the initial campaign game but they don't really feature what I was expecting the most, adventuring with Morrigan again.  I am thrown in with 2 random characters who seemed to speak every 3 steps I took (to the point of overwhelming me with off-topic dialogue).  Understandably, they deliver the bulk of the content but the dlc wasn't long enough for me to care about the things they said or what even motivated them on this journey.
In any case, given more time I felt like the new companions were growing on me (as most Bioware characters do) but really I was in it for the Morrigan.  Right when it seemed we were about to get started on the real crux of the issue, the rug is pulled out from underneath the whole thing.  Its like the dlc was all intro into the real quest and none of the actual meat of it.
End Result:
Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker - ME JUNKIES hell yes purchase - Reg players - worth the price
Dragon Age - Witch Hunt - Avoid at all costs - Just check the ending if you really need to see Morrigan.

The old spider-man wiki page

For Funzies here's the old Spider-man wiki page before I started working on it.

Official PS3 box art


Venom has returned to New York to infect the city with an army of symbiotes. S.H.I.E.L.D. has quarantined Manhattan to prevent the invasion from spreading. As a result, the entire city is cut off from the outside world. Spider-Man has to work with both heroes and villains from the Marvel Comics universe to track down Venom and stop the invasion before he himself is consumed by the symbiote attached to him. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is based completely on the Marvel Comics and is not related to any movie. The game features a host of popular Marvel Comics characters, including Kingpin, Luke Cage, Mary Jane Watson, Venom, Vulture, and Wolverine.  

Venom Wolverine? What will these kids think of next?

The game is set in the mainstream Marvel Comics universe. Like its predecessors Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man, the game allows free-roaming action. Prior to release, Shaba Games stated that they wanted to blend web slinging and combat together to make this Spider-Man game, unlike any other to date. As part of this, players are able to customize and upgrade Spider-Man's aerial and ground combat abilities. 

As a result of being infected by the Venom symbiote, Spider-Man has a black suit similar to that of Venom's, rather than the enhanced costume seen in Spider-Man 3. During the course of the game the player can instantaneously swap between the red and black suits with the press of a button, regardless of being in the air, running, or in combat. The two suits represent the player's skills and moral allignment.

The red suit gameplay involves speed and heavy use of web-based attacks. The black suit, on the other hand, embraces strength rather than speed. Use of this suit allows players to use symbiote based attacks such as springing tendrils from the suit to smash enemies. This suit also allows the player to perform such feats as lifting cars in the air and throwing them at opponents. In addition, players can actually swim instead of either dying or climbing out of the water immediately.

Depending on which suit the player uses most, the city will begin to see Spider-Man as either a hero or a rebel. This moral allignment will not determine which tasks Spider-Man takes on; instead it determines whom his allies will be for any given task. Should the city see Spider-Man as a rebel he will team up with villains to destroy Venom, but if the city sees Spider-Man as a heroic savior he will team up with other well known heroes to stop the invasion of New York City. The decisions the player makes will result in consequences, be it for good or evil. These decisions will determine the outcome of the game.

Other Versions

The DS and PSP versions of the game are Castlevania Style Platformers, featuring a large 2.5D world to Explore.
Here's my 2,321 worth of submission, incomplete and I already see some stuff I need to fix.
 Don't click the spoiler, its just a time capsule for me to remember my tactical nuke getting submission.

Here is the wiki in the "final form" as I last edited

I submitted this to the Jim Raynor page a day or so ago

 I hope this is enough for the nuke quest.  Some of this existed, but I added a bunch of sc2 stuff.  This is just a back up in case I need to come back and re-submit changes or something, I don't know.

This is Jimmy

James “Jim” Raynor is one of the central protagonists in the StarCraft universe. He was created by Chris Metzen and James Phinney and made his first appearance in 1998’s Starcraft. Raynor is a backwater marshal that, over the course of the game, becomes a galactic hero. He is voiced by Robert Clotworthy in all the Starcraft games.


Raynor is perhaps one of the few Terran characters in StarCraft that remains fundamentally good and uncorrupted throughout the game. Though he is at times depicted as a sarcastic and laid back character, he has a huge sense of justice, and has always tried to do the right and honorable thing.  Raynor is also one of the few Terrans that the Protoss trust, even forming a strong bond with the likes of Praetor Fenix, a great Protoss hero who was encased in a Dragoon due to serious injuries sustained in the first game.  Although often drunk and embittered as a result of his long struggles, Raynor still clings to his strong sense of justice in hopes of rectifying his past mistakes at any cost.  Fiercely loyal to proven allies, Raynor commands respect and demonstrates a willingness to do the right thing in the face of peril. 


The marshal, Jim Raynor, as he appears with his Vulture bike as concept art.

Making his debut in the very first Terran mission, Raynor is a marshal of the backwater planet, Mar Sara, and was stationed on the planet when the Zerg suddenly invaded it. While Raynor fought valiantly to protect the colony, he was eventually arrested by the very confederacy he was trying to protect due to his destruction of a confederate owned Command Center which was, at the time, infested by the Zerg.

Raynor was later rescued from prison by the rebel group, the Sons of Korhal for political reasons, effectively making Raynor a traitor to the Terran Confederacy. Becoming a General within the Sons of Korhal, Arcturus Mengsk, the faction’s leader, sends Raynor on many missions in order to undermine and overthrow the Terran Confederacy.

Jim Raynor as seen in StarCraft

During his time with the group, Raynor develops a bond with the female ghost, Sarah Kerrigan. Near the end of the Terran campaign, the Sons of Korhal mount a large offensive on the Confederate capital of Tarsonis with the Zerg, luring them with Psi Emitter technology. However, during this offensive, Kerrigan and her contingent of Terran forces are assaulted by the Zerg, and Mengsk abandons them to their death. This infuriates Raynor, causing him to leave the rebel group by force, hijacking Mengsk’s flagship, the Hyperion, in the process.

Raynor soon hears telepathic messages from Kerrigan in his dreams. Believing her to be alive, Raynor travels to Char only to find Kerrigan completely infested and controlled by the Zerg. Destroying his camp, Kerrigan allows Raynor and his troops to leave, though they are still stranded on the planet. Raynor and his troops eventually encounter Tassadar and Zeratul, great Protoss templars. In the Protoss campaign, a force lead by Executor Artanis rescues Raynor and Tassadar from Char. Raynor and his remaining forces then aid the Protoss in the final assault on the Zerg Overmind which recently nested itself on the Protoss homeworld of Aiur.

StarCraft: Brood War

Raynor makes occasional appearances throughout the events of Brood War. First, during the Protoss campaign he along with Fenix assist in the evacuation of Aiur, protecting the warp gate while Protoss forces used it to move to Shakuras. It is here were him and Fenix develop a strong friendship and a deep respect of each other. Later, Kerrigan convinces him and the Protoss that the United Earth Directorate invasion is a much greater threat to them than she is. Raynor and Fenix then kidnap Mengsk in order to gain his support in the campaign against the UED. Soon after, Korhal IV, the throne world of the Terran Dominion is recaptured by the allied forces. Soon after this, however, Kerrigan betrays the alliance and slays Fenix in the process. Deeply outraged by Kerrigan’s actions, Raynor’s final words in Brood War are that Kerrigan will die by his hands.

Memorable Quotes

Lt. Sarah Kerrigan

*Raynor has been sent to rendezvous with Lt. Sarah Kerrigan, a beautiful psychic*
Sarah Kerrigan: Captain Raynor, I've finished scouting out the area, and... you pig!
Jim Raynor: What!? I haven't even said anything to you yet!
Sarah Kerrigan: Yeah, but you were thinking it.
Jim Raynor: Oh yeah! You're a telepath.
*referring to the mission*
Jim Raynor: Look, Lets just get on with this, ok? 
Dr. Ariel Hanson

*Raynor has saved Doctor Ariel Hanson's colonists from Protoss Anhillation*
Ariel: You know, you could always stay here.  Settle down, make a new start...
Jim Raynor: Guys like me don't get second chances, darlin'.  We just gotta finish what we begun.
*Ariel leans in and kisses Jim on the cheek*
Ariel: You're a good man, Jim Raynor.
Jim Raynor: Hmph, I ain't that good.

StarCraft II (General Plot Spoilers Ahead)

This is Jimmy

A Simple Broken Man

Jim Raynor takes the center stage in StarCraft II as the leader of Raynor's Raiders, as well as the captain of the battlecruiser, Hyperion.  As the main character of the Terran installment of the StarCraft II trilogy, Wings of Liberty, Jim Raynor acts as the player's character, interacting with other characters or objects during the story segments and commanding his troops in battle during missions. Because of Mengsk's betrayal and the loss of many allies that have fallen to the Queen of Blades, Raynor has spiraled down to a path of heavy drinking and has let his hair grow out considerably.  

Matt Horner

Marshall Jim Raynor returns as the missing commander of Raynor's Raiders, the only resistance to the overbearing Dominion government.  Deeply tormented by past events (the loss of Sarah Kerrigan), Jim drowns his sorrows in a backwater bar on Mar Sara.  During an UNN network interview with Emperor of the Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk, Raynor is enraged into action to bring down the Dominion and bring freedom to the universe.   Raynor is joined shortly thereafter by an old friend, Tychus Findlay,  who propositions Raynor to steal Protoss artifacts in exchange for profit.  The two eventually reconvene with the Raynor's Raider flagship, Hyperion, which was stolen from Arcturus Mengsk following the Brood Wars.   Aboard the Hyperion, Jim is joined by his loyal crew: Matt Horner (Second in command), Swann (chief engineer), Stetmann (Research Scientist), and bartender Cooper who makes a mean Mai Tai.
Matt Horner and the rest of Raynor's Rebels seek to unite the people against the oppressive Dominion forces.  Horner and Raynor go out of their way to disrupt Dominion trade routes, save outlying colonies, and as well capture vital intelligence.  During a daring raid of a Dominion base, the two uncover an old confederate adjutant.  The old AI adjutant has a terrible secret that may turn Terran people against the Dominion, ensuring a revolution in force.  The only problem is how to spread the message across the galaxy.
That's DOCTOR, Ariel

While crusading against the oppression of the Dominion, Raynor encounters several refugees whom either join the Raiders or come aboard the Hyperion temporarily.  Notably, Jim saves Dr. Ariel Hanson and her colony, a fringe world left to the mercy of the zerg by the uncaring Dominion.  Raynor has to protect the colonists from the dual threat of the Zerg Swarm, and the Protoss Fleet which seek to extinguish all infected by the zerg.  While aboard Dr Hanson searches to cure Zerg infestation which Jim hopes can save Kerrigan and many other infested Terrans.   


Another notable guest is the mysterious Tosh, a former Dominion ghost who sneaks aboard the Hyperion.  He broke free from Dominion control to form the Spectres, fellow Dominion ghosts who refused to take orders from Mengsk.   As a result of Tosh's defectation, many of Tosh's Spectres are political prisoners on the inescapable New Folsom Prison World.   Raynor has to choose to risk assaulting a Dominion fortress to gain the trust of powerful, potentially crazy allies.

  Raynor is surprised during his travels by appearance of longtime Protoss ally Zeratul.  Although injured, Zeratul arrives with a cryptic warning for Jim.  Zeratul appears to be hunted, so he imparts a special Protoss Memory crystal with his recent memories to Raynor before leaving mysteriously.  Raynor must decipher the meaning behind Zeratul's words using only the memories left behind in the ancient relic.

[Endgame Content Spoilers]  Do not read if you don't wish to know general details

Ultimately, Raynor and Tychus collect different pieces of Protoss relics on various worlds on behalf of the Moebius foundation.  Raynor and his crew puzzle over different artifacts look for different ways to gain an edge over the Zerg Swarm and repel the invasion once and for all.  Gathering what aliies and upgrades Raynor has amassed during his journey, he heads out to defeat the Zerg and the Dominion or die trying.


  • Marshall Law

    Jim's famous "This is Jimmy" line is not said by Raynor when selected in Starcraft 2.
  • He still has the badge from his days as a Marshall on Mar Sara
  • In all Jim's time as a Marshall on Mar Sara, he has never had to shoot anyone.
  • However, he always carries with him an old Revolver.
  • Raynor used to be an outlaw and rob trains on his Vulture with Tychus Findlay.

Need a light?

Full Flavored

Pack of Cigs, Gun

Jim is now seen with a pack of cigarettes tucked into his left sleeve.  The top of the box says "Full Flavor" and the logo appears to be a snake coiled around a sword or pole, not unlike a medical association logo.


Where Do You Want It?

At all times Raynor carries with him an old double barrel six shooter Revolver holstered at his hip.  Notably, the gun only has one bullet in it which is intended Arcturus Mengsk.  Jim describes it as, "An old score to settle" between the two of them.

Scott Pilgrim The Game, unofficial Quicklook by me

This is my take on the second level of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game.  I did it much in the style of Jeff's old Skate 2 quicklook aka solo.  Its the second level in its entirety, from selection to Boss.  Watch me do horribly at the game and even worse at the commentary!  You can watch if you're on the fence and see some additional game play. (Youtube options are 240p or 720p, how odd)

As a side note, I saw slots for 6 characters in total and when you select someone in multiplayer the other controllers need to pick a different character.  
Here are some captures of the game as well 

Super Level
Super Level

Familiar Blocks
Familiar Blocks

Pilgrim Vs The Ex!
Pilgrim Vs The Ex!

Castle Crashers Quick Look (Alpha version)! but not really

Hey everyone its a video THANG!  I unearthed a rare (FAKE) Giant Bomb Alpha Version Quick Look Throwback featuring Ryan Davis.  All they need to do is edit out the annoying guest and they can throw it on the site.
Edit:  The most worthwhile thing to see from the video is this.

I spent the better part of a day to a week throwing together this horrible mess.  Video varied a lot from jarring MR BLACK audio and a semi serious attempt at a quick look.  The video is 13 minutes long; wanted to cover more but plum ran out of Ryan Davis Samples.  I figure the GB crew will do a proper quick look once the PS3 version comes out.  Feel free to leave feedback but I already know the writing is poor, really REALLY poor.
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