Feels good to be #1 on a song

Thanks to 38 special I've got the best posted score to "Hold on Loosely" for xbox 360.   I managed to beat the only two other scores posted at 5 am in the morning.  I wonder how far down I will have fallen when I wake up later today.   I'm sorry for making this thread, this isn't something I should be super proud of.

  You can't beat 100%
 You can't beat 100%

The best part is my game glitched out and even though I got 100% of the song, it still counted as 99%.  Even though I'm technically #2 on the leaderboard due to the % mishap, my score is actually higher. 

Do we have any other Rock Band players who are somewhere on a leaderboard?  Feel free to talk about how the song is believed to be a metaphor for masturbation.