Quick and Dirty Bioware Dual DLC Sept 7th

Today was the launch of two Bioware game DLC content that I was really looking forward to.  The Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2 and Witch Hunt for Dragon Age.  I purchased both and now having completed both, can give some thoughts.  (But really I'm just going to rant)

I will be ranting about plot points in the game, so don't read on if you want to avoid that type of thing.

Both DLC kind of cover the same area.  What I mean is that both involve characters that were possible player romances and offer a sort of conclusion for the player.  (I remember Kotaku asking Bioware about releasing romance add-on DLC and one of the founders wrote a note down to consider it later).  Both DLC kind of hint that Liara for ME2 and Morrigan for DA are the crux of the story
For the Shadow Broker, I can recommend it 100%.  It continues in the great writing of the game, brings back the voice actors, features new and re-used art assets; worth every cent.  Not only is the production fantastic, it offers a self-contained story that feels like part of the plot.  It is very well integrated with the overall universe and leaves itself open for potential effects in Mass Effect 3.
On the other hand I thought the Witch Hunt DLC was very unsatisfying, but especially so when compared to the Mass Effect Shadow Broker DLC.  There was a much better sense of conclusion, and the character in question was much better developed.  It also seemed like a whole mess more work was put into Shadow Broker than Witch Hunt.
My major beef with Witch Hunt is how the story plays out.  I was really not expecting Morrigan to only show up at the end, say a few lines and then disappear with the game abruptly ending.  There are several good callbacks to the initial campaign game but they don't really feature what I was expecting the most, adventuring with Morrigan again.  I am thrown in with 2 random characters who seemed to speak every 3 steps I took (to the point of overwhelming me with off-topic dialogue).  Understandably, they deliver the bulk of the content but the dlc wasn't long enough for me to care about the things they said or what even motivated them on this journey.
In any case, given more time I felt like the new companions were growing on me (as most Bioware characters do) but really I was in it for the Morrigan.  Right when it seemed we were about to get started on the real crux of the issue, the rug is pulled out from underneath the whole thing.  Its like the dlc was all intro into the real quest and none of the actual meat of it.
End Result:
Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker - ME JUNKIES hell yes purchase - Reg players - worth the price
Dragon Age - Witch Hunt - Avoid at all costs - Just check the ending if you really need to see Morrigan.