E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

AlwaysBeClothing: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games
 Its all about the games baby.  Which means I'm going to screw this up and have to make another list, oh noez
Retrospect, I screwed up and made two lists.  CRUDDDDDDDDDD

List items

  • Since I'm guessing that almost all these lists are going to be carbon copies, I'm going to do whatever man. E3 is such a big event, its almost a game; about video games.

    Let's go Triple X, I mean E!


  • I was going to write this game off from the partial setlist, then I got to the 1980SSSSSSSSSSsszzzzzzzzz.

    One of my most favorite of songs, Just Like Heaven - The Cure, Huey Lewis- The Power of Love, then they threw some RAINBOW DIO on it! I'm so excited now I can't even follow a single naming convention to list the tracks I like.

  • I'm looking forward to actually playing this Fable since my friend borrowed Fable 2 from me and I never saw it again.

  • Throwing a curve ball. First off, Natsume, fine purveyors of the Harvest Moon series. Secondly, I am all about Rhythm games like.....Rhythm Heaven, so despite the fact that I know nothing about this game, I'M DOWN FOR RUN-ON SENTENCES AND ALL CAPS

  • I'm only putting this on here for the inevitable mention from the duo at Penny Arcade. Maybe it will just be in the long winded post, maybe it will be the comic. Who can say.

  • I know people are excited about the new mo cap software or something but did you see that new black 250 gig edition with the built in wifi? That costs only $300??? It makes me want to throw my limited edition RE5 xbox into the street with rage, everytime I look at its more expensive, more out of date ass.

  • I need more Lincoln games coverage. Giantbomb is helping my fix so far, but I best see some others media sources get their act together and start covering the games that matter.


  • I'm the kind of punk who bought and loved Web of Shadows and would eat up any spider-man game, so when I start to have doubts something is wrong. Batman AA sections, first person punching, 2099? I don't know why you feel the need to stray so far from just amazing spidey but show me something awesome and I'm back in. Alternatively, announce Christopher Daniel Barnes as the main voice of Spider-man and you got me like they did with Mark Hamill.

  • According to a Snide posted trailer I'll finally be able to FINISH THE FIGHT, until the 3rd one comes out. For the 5th time. Gogo Mass Effect 2 DLC coverage at E3 that I'm not sure I will buy but will definetely watch the quicklook.

  • I hope to see some hot hot announcements about this game sometime during E3.