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Go for broke in this "realistic" battle simulation 1

TABS is technically, a real time strategy combat game. At its heart though, TABS is actually a puzzle game. A wonderful, goofy, real time strategy based puzzle game. The graphics are charming and the wacky nature of the combat engine lend itself to laughs. Don't be fooled though, the googly eyed models and simple colors belie the challenge that the game has to offer. The game is seemingly simple, you are presented with a map, an opposing team, and a simple goal of defeating every other unit.Eac...

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Designed with micro transactions in mind and not delivering a complete story. 0

Shadow of War is a bad game. That's not to say there aren't elements to be enjoyed, but this is not a game I would recommend to anyone. The open world structure cribs from a well known formula blending together elements of Assassin's Creed and Batman combat. There are hidden collectibles, side missions, plenty of diversions to keep the 100% gamer occupied. The nemesis system feels novel and well motion captured. The story is even interesting at times but again, this is not a game I would recomm...

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