My Top 10 Games of All Time

I just wanted to see if I could whittle down every game I've ever played into one compact list. Nothing too fancy.

List items

  • This is probably the perfect game. I just cannot stop playing it and will continue to do so for years. Every aspect of the design locks into place in such a satisfying way. A timeless classic.

  • What an incredible game this is. I wouldn't say it's perfect but the high points are so damn high. Never played a game like it.

  • Another game I'll probably never stop playing. The original game never quite stuck for me but the new engine and controller support hit it home as one of my favourites.

  • This game just spoke to me more than Persona 4. The darker themes and character stories simply hit home harder. Junpei's character arc is probably my favorite in the entire series. The ending's both incredible and bittersweet.

  • I only played this game when it came to DS and was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. The music is truly something else.

  • The narrative in this game is so rich. The conversation showdowns are up there with my top moments in any game ever. Jensen gets a bad rap for his dodgy voice acting but the revelations about his character throughout the story was really well done.

  • This game's the most recent one on the list but as a fan of the books it was genuinely awesome to see all of the characters realized in such a fantastic way.

  • I've never had such a complete outpouring of emotion as I have at the end of Undertale. Seems kinda strange that the one game that almost moved me to tears wasn't a photo-realistic modern epic like The Last of Us but was in fact a beautiful little indie game that came along at just the right time. The game's a flawed masterpiece.

  • This game just took me by surprise. Didn't expect much and got a fantastic action platformer with incredible characters and a surprisingly dark plot.

  • This game made me run out and read up on all sorts of philosophy. The way the story is given out in pieces is just brilliant and the 'conversations' with the 'serpent' are so well done. The music's damn good too.