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New laptop is sweeet.

Like I said yesterday, I'm going to start blogging on Giant Bomb again, great news right?

Well, anyways I've decided my first topic should be about my sexy new laptop I just purchased.

This baby got a Core2Duo T6400
4GB of ram

Not bad if you ask me. The paint job is kinda weird, but I've quickly become accustomed to it. It has a webcam(can you say video blog?). It also comes with this huge battery that sticks out the bottom, the good thing about it is that it's a 9cell, so I can use this for almost 4 hours after being disconnected from power. The sound system is great, a harman/kardon, can't believe I got it with a laptop at this price.

I think I may get Total War:Empire to check out its gaming power. If you guys have anyother games you'd like to recommand, please do tell.



A blog reborn.

Hey, guys I'm starting to blog again. I don't know what about yet, probably mainly some poltical stuff, and a little bit of video games and geeky stuff here and there.




The end of my Giant Bomb moderation career...

As of now, I am stepping down from my role as a Wiki moderator of Giant Bomb.

The reason is simple, I don't have the time to keep up with the moderation duties. It wouldn't be fair to burden the staff with an inactive moderator.

That being said, I would like the staff for giving me the wonderful opportunity of being a moderator on my favorite site. I'd also like to thank the users, for being the best users of any website ever and making my job of a moderator much easier.

I'll continue to contribute to the community, update my blog, and keep visiting the site daily. Thanks again, and peace out.



Why can't anyone be normal today..

Today, it seems like almost everyone, atleast where I live, is being a jackass.

No I'm serious...

Ive honestly been tempted to strangle people today.

They're either extremely anti Obama, saying he was born in Africa, that he's a terroist, and other ignorant bullshit..


They're either extremely pro Obama, and say he's the second coming of Christ.  They claim he's going to pay their bills, and put gas in their tank. It's pathetic. I'm honestly not sure which is worse.

Why can't people be cautiously optimistic like me?

What makes this even worse, is that I'm black, so people are assuming that I worship Obama.

Sometimes I think I should just be declared president TBQH.


Goddamn viruses, it never ends....

Well, I've been going through hell the last few days trying to get my computer back to clean and working.

It all started a few days ago when somehow, some way, a virus got on to my computer. It wasn't that big of a deal, just random popup during, I thought I'd use the virus scanner built into my zone alarmpro firewall. So I scan, find around 5 or so items to deleted, and tell the program to remove it. I thought that was the end....

An hour later, the popups start AGAIN, but worse, and now some bullshit antivirus software was trying to get me to install it on my computer.

I think to myself  "Hmm, this is weird, how is trash getting on my computer, oh well, now I'll just have to use AVG"


I open AVG Free, and scan. After a long ass time it alerts me I have 15-16 viruses on my computer. I tell it to do its thing, delelte, move them to the vault, WHATEVER.

Then I restart my computer....and guess what? SHITS BACK. And now it's so bad I can't even properly look up a solution for it online. How the hell do people make these thing so goddamn hard to get ride of? And I've always been one to think only dumbasses who use Limewire get virus.

So at this point, I have to get on my iPod Touch and start looking up how to get rid of this bullshit. It seemed to me the best course of action was to post a hijack this log on a fourm. I go to the website to download hijack this, and THE FUCKING VIRUS BLOCKED IT.  Now, I'm basically raging, becuase I thought that hijackthis was going to be absoulte last resort. Hell, I was scared I might have to bring it into Ciruit City's firedog station and have to pay those bastar- I mean experts an arm and a leg to fix it. Actually, I'd rather reformat and do that.

Well, I think God was feeling sorry for me at that point and I stumbled onto  a "Malwarebytes", the website said it was "heavy duty virus removal". So...I download it, run the scan, and BAM, it finds 25+ things to delete. I tell it to do its thing, and it takes a few mintues. Tells me to restart my computer and...


At this point I was ready to find to delvopers of this software, and give them a damn hug. Instead I decide to read up on what the fuck infected my computer, it was called "Vundo" and apparently it got in through exploting my out of date  Java software and XP SP2. So I update Java,and remove old versions( I recommand you do so yourself, because this shit can apparently get on your computer by a goddamn website) and update to service pack 3,

Finally the nightmare is over right?


The internet won't work. Now I spend around an hour  on the line with windows coustumer support hotline, and eventually I give up with them. I was tired of someone taking 30 minutes to tell me how to ping my And not to be racist, but they were Indian and I couldn't understand them on my already crappy cell phone connection.

Turns out though, it was just my firewall being overprotective. So now, I finally have my computer back to its orginal state.


"I'm tired of these motherfucker viruses, on this motherfucker computer, let whipe some goddamn hard drives"
American Peagsus a few days ago.