Where do Wii go now?


Do you think the Wii should go for a round two so to speak and catch up with its next gen contenders? Or should they just give up and try to make an entirely new system?

 Was it a failure?
 Was it a failure?

The Nintendo Wii is a perplexing system. On one hand it broke the controller-barrier we've had with games for years, and on the other hand it's last-generation material. If you ask any family out there today the Wii is quite possibly the first video game they've played together and had loads of fun. It has the ease of use that will get your grandmother off the couch and playing tennis.

The key question in it's abilities is: is this really next-generation gaming?

To answer that question it could take hours of discussion and arguing but its quite obvious to see that the Wii did something. It definitely was not a failure and it does have a few very awesome games. The problem is that it was a family oriented system to begin with. It was never meant to jump in guns blazing against the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. For Nintendo the sales numbers don't lie.

Lately those numbers have indeed been falling, and as some may notice the last first-party title we're expecting from Nintendo is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It has been shown on the Wii, but that doesn't mean it can't come out on Nintendo's next console. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was originally made for the Game Cube. The fact that we've heard little about Skyward Swords could mean that Nintendo may unveil new details on a new console during May's E3. Some say a HD Wii that would finally give us hi-definition gaming could be on the horizon, or a new console all together. It wouldn't be surprising if the next console had nothing to do with motion gaming and instead something completely different. Nintendo generally does their thing, blows peoples minds, and moves on. In a more realistic approach its easy to say that we will see a HD version of the Wii. 

So back the original question, no, I don't think Nintendo is even really in the console race at the moment. Nintendo does what Nintendo does. They will amaze people and make bank no matter what. I think if they are not going to make the Wii HD, then they need a new gimmick or a refinement on motion technology with their new console. The PlayStation Move is essentially a better Wii and with more power behind it. Nintendo needs to match it and break out with something crazy.

For right now Nintendo has their hands full with the 3DS, and keeping young children away from it. They will ride 3D until it hits the ground and pick themselves back up with yet another idea.

So, do they need to catch up? No. They don't need to. Nintendo may not be "next-gen" but they are continuing to evolve and innovate with each successive hardware iteration regardless of the competition.