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Batman 2Night!

Well at long last the wait is over. Tonight at midnight my local Gamestop has Batman: Arkham Asylum on sale after over a year of waiting. I remember when I first saw the cover of the Game Informer that had the feature on the game. I set about immediately subscribing to the mag. I know that sounds extreme, but a little backstory is in order. 
I'm 35 years old & have been gaming since the Atari 2600. Spider Fighter & Pitfall are still all-time classice folks! (IMO) So since the NES I have played Batman games & been somewhere between disappointed or disgusted with the finished product. Batman always seemed to be just a bit weaker than the most average foe in those games. The boss fights were always next to impossible for Batman to use any of his trademark fighting techniques or gadgetry. Now granted hardware limitations of the day kept creativity at bay for the most part. But even as hardware power progressed up to the PS2 (Batman: Dark Tomorrow anyone? Ok I'll never mention that atrocity again!) The soul of Batman has gotten lost in every game since this time.  
Anybody out there remember the dismal efferts of Sunsoft's batman games on NES or Gameboy? Please stop now! Those memories are unpleasant at best & can drive one to drinking! 
So when I lay my eyes upon Rocksteady Studios version of Batman in GI, I said to myself another pretty face. Then I read the article & said they may be onto something. Why did it take this many years & this many horrible games for someone to finally not try a dismal movie tie-in & use the comic book license? I may never know but after seeing the E3 footage, watching a few videos, & all the previews & reviews that are popping up on the web now, at last I know that this is finally a true Batman game. Not sure what the bomb is waiting on to post their review, but I'm sure they'll get to it due course. 
So midnight tonight I'll leave work at the TV station I am gainfully employed by, go a block down the street & get my hands on the Batman Collector's Edition for PS3. Calm down 360 owners. I'm sure that version will be great as well. I just prefer the PS3 platform for my mutiplat games because I like the controller better. No platform warrior here, I own all 3! 
So this comic fan from way back has geeked out enough on Batman. Now if only those minutes on the clock would hurry up. Think maybe we can move the clocks forward a few hours & trick everybody? hehehehe