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This site is too addicting!

    I discovered Giant Bomb a short time ago when I was searching  the net to find some of my favorite Gamespot alums & what happened to them. Imagine my surprise when I find most of them holed up here @ Giant Bomb! So I looked around the site & did not understand it at first. Admittedly I'm used to being spoon fed information so I had to use the trusty FAQ to get my bearings. Now I get it! Sweet! 
    By opening the site up not just with forums but user created content, Giant Bomb has given us gamers the option of growing the database & information available if we wish or just enjoy the fruits of others' labor. The choice is ours & that is totally refreshing. I've recently started a few edits myself in the TurboGrafx-16 pages. I highly encourage you to check them out! I was at first using my memory alone & was surprised just how much I did remember about the system. It was one of my all-time favorite platforms by the way. I found myself challenged as I dove deeper into editing to make sure I was putting out the right info. This will be a new addiction for me! Shame on you Giant Bomb for making me that much more inaccessible to my wife & kids! 
    Now I must comment on the reviews section. This was a major shock to the system to say the least. I expected a huge library of games reviewed & previewed for me to peruse. Not so. Then thinking back to the trusty FAQ I mentioned earlier I remembered that these guys are lazy, or so they say. They do not review every game that comes out. And let's be honest, who wants to know about the latest Barbie or Petz game! Reviews approached from the standpoint of the typical gamer & what we play? BRILLIANT! No need to clutter up the site with worthless drivel. Again totally refreshing for a gaming website.  
    Now on to the Giant Bombcast. This is the only appointment listening that is in my podcast library. I listen to each weeks episode like a sitcom. I laugh, I get angry, I'm upset at the end of the show, and I learn about games. I also look forward to trying what's on the drink menu! I'm currently going through the past episodes on iTunes to hear what I missed. I missed alot too! Nice to hear the guys who made Gamespot what it once was at it again!  
    As I mentioned earlier, I'm still finding my way around here and have made it my current mission to make the TurboGrafx section a thorough & comprehensive read. So check it often. As I pull out old magazines & strategy guides to remember those glory days, I hope to impress alot of you & help you remember that game system that really got you hooked years back! Cheers!