Looking back on 2009 before its over...

Read the title thats what this is! Okay I won't be an ass and leave it at that. This is like the title says a look back at all the great games that came out 2009...even tho 2009 is not yet over but it might as well be, even tho great games are still coming out like BORDERLANDS. So here we go!

List items

  • Okay not offically a 2009 game but actually I would consider it to be cause of all the new fresh DLC! The new DLC kept this game cool and fresh and caused me to still be playing it making it one of my most played games of this year and last!

  • Building on the beautiful groundwork of the first Modern Warfare, MW2 goes above and beyond what was expected from the sequel. Twinking the Multiplayer till almost perfection and telling another compact yet compelling story is why MW2 is on this list!

  • Normally most people, including me woudln't put a downloadable game on a game of the year list but this game is so well produced and made like a full fledged game I would have been willing to pay full price 60 buck for this game

    RPG leveling, and wanting to discover everything made this game way more then just a small XBLM game!

  • While everyone was on the infamous train I was sitting along with my 360 playing its seemingly identical competitor. and I enjoyed it, I did try the before mentioned iNfamous and enjoyed it quite a bit, I prefered Prototype way more.

    With its extreme Violence and addiction gameplay and tons of abilities this is def one of the best games of the year.

  • Skate 1 was good....damn good, and Skate 2 was damn.....gooder....w/e

    Skate 2 improved on Skate by making things even more complicated but really made it alot more like actual skateboarding which I love. This is def the best Skating game of the year.