2018 Game List

List items

  • This is an amazing looking game, with a well defined setting. The game play is feels fantastic, many of the systems work very well and there is good enemy and play style variety. The buddy system in particular was very entertaining and offered a lot of variety. Some of the perk and weapon trees were different, and many of them felt useless. The story is not terrible, but the way it is implemented is odd. Being kidnapped at randoms times threw off the immersion. Most of the missions, while fun to play, had no real bearing on what was going on.

  • A very straightforward dual joystick shooter. There is no real story to speak of. A nice twist by implementing certain objectives within each match. There is very good weapon, perk and item variety, but the game does get repetitious. It was not a long game, and while there are a couple of extra modes I was not enticed to play them anymore.

  • Celeste is a pure platformer,with steep difficulty wrapped in a nice aesthetic with charm. The amge is all about platforming, with light, non essential story telling revolving around climbing a mountain as a metaphor for conquering personal demons. The game does a very nice job of adding new mechanics, abilities and combining them to keep the game play fresh. The stages all have their own unique challenges and are broken up by nice encounters and story bits with the few characters. I felt the controls aren't meat boy quality and at times frustrating. Overall it was a fun experience, but as the later stages dragged on I felt the fun was behind me and the game could have been slightly shorter.

  • A fantastic game. Looks and plays great. The game is full of story and lore, as well as great characters. The game does an excellent job of slowly introducing new items, mechanics and enemies all throughout the game. The combat never really felt stale and there were always new things to add on and adjust for. There are plenty of side objectives, puzzles and easter eggs. This was truly a fantastic game all around.

  • A fantastic Rogue-like 2D action platformer. The controls feel natural from the first minute. There are a number of different mechanics and fighting styles to keep things interesting. The environments and enemies are fairly varied. THere are a large number of different, secrets, easter eggs, oddities and unreachable areas to keep you exploring the various paths rather than just mainlining to the ending. After unlocking all of the abilities, a number of items and beating the game I had had enough though. While there was plenty more to unlock I felt I had seen enough of the game to no longer grind.\ for whatever remained.

  • Spiderman is one of the better movie/superhero video games around. The game looks good, feels good and leans into what makes spiderman unique. The movement feels really good, and while not perfect at times, it treads the line of too easy or hard extremely well. The story is well, told, good characters and does its own thing. It skips past the origin story and jumps to mid spiderman, which is to its benefit. The game does a great job of slowly rolling out new mechanics, activities, abilities and collectibles while keeping it attached to the main story line. There is a fairly fluid transition between stealth and combat that works well. There are a number of gadgets and abilities to help the combat, but they seem to boil down to different types of web lock downs. While the combat is fast and fluid, it eventually became pretty stale routine of knock up, beat up, zip away and repeat. The game did not overstay its welcome however and was timed well enough to be a very enjoyable, cinematic experience.

  • While this is a very solid game, it fails to live up to the previous title. The game looks and plays well, but does not offer many more mechanics than the previous game. In many ways it feels more linear and less polished than the last game. Still, its is fun to play, the stealth and combat are generally good, and you have several meaningful upgrades available that can dramatically change how you approach a situation. There are several good looking tombs and puzzles to traverse, though the game seems much less vertical than previously, and the controls sometimes let you down.

  • There is a lot to love about this game, as well as a bunch of annoyances. It is a unique vampyr story with a number of interesting elements, offset by marginal combat and visuals. The story is good, and the characters are intersting and nuanced. It is a somewhat novel idea to tie your power directly to morality in that you can level quikcly by claiming lives. While this will help with combat, it will also hinder the story, which is the best part of this game. The setting is noce and it does a good job of taking both science and lore into consideration. While I enjoyed the game it would be difficult to recommend.

  • The lack of a single player campaign is disappointing. The class based multiplayer is interesting, but it honestly did not feel like it had a big effect on the games, most of the games still boiled down to COD. Still the slight variety lead me to enjoy the game more than I have in a long time. The new mode is Blackout a battle royale mode. Of the big 3, this is probably my favorite. The game plays fluidly, the gear is plentiful and the pace seems to be higher. They do interesting things with perks and having AI zombies as well. While I could play more of this, the battle royale style has worn thin and is no longer interesting. Overall this is a surprising package, but still not good enough to have me playing COD regularly.