2019 Game List

List items

  • A Squad based Battle Royale game. The gameplay feels tight, and the items are varied. The characters do not feel extremely different but do offer some variety. The PING system is incredible and really makes this game playable with random players if they stick to the script. I tend to drop off BR games and while I dont think this will be completely different, the variety of characters defnitely gives it extended replay value.

  • A very bare bones open world shooter. The entire game is side missions with barely any story. Still the game play is somewhat fun and the weapon variety is nice, even though the game is pretty easy. Killing to replenish shields is a nice element that keeps things spicy. Still, it is very bare bones, there is no real variety and a pretty bland experience

  • The game is a masterpiece of both style and substance. It changes the souls gameplay formula while altering the setting as well. The combat greatly increases and emphasis movement using a grappling hook that changes the game. It also drops the stamina bar for posture, which rewards parrying attacks, stressing aggression in most cases. The story and setting are much more straightforward than previous games, but they still offer the fantastical at times, but with much less mystery as to what is happening. The difficulty is still appropriately high, and you definitely feel that you are increasing in skill rather than amassing stats. A few of the bosses are maddeningly difficult and you do feel that you have gotten gud when you finally overcome them. A one of a kind experience.

  • After the offshoot DmC this game feel like a large step back to me. The story and characters have never been the most adult and serious, but these characters are grating as well. Nico makes no sense as to who she is. The story is much the same as they have always been, there is evil kill it. The visuals for the combat are okay, but the level designs are boring hallways with basically no exploration or puzzle solving. All of this can sometimes be passed over if the combat is amazing, but the controls are awful. You do get to play as 3 different characters, but Neros controls don't feel great and V's are just confusing, even after remapping the buttons for better control. While I am sure I could have played the game repeatedly and mastered everything eventually, mashing buttons on the highest difficulty seemed to work as well as setting up moves. The camera had bad placement and it was hard to control the action as I would have liked. DmC just seemed to do a better job at almost every aspect, and was just much more entertaining. If one of the story, visuals or game play would have grabbed me I would have continued but they did not, it was boring.

  • This is meant to be played as a multiplayer slooter. While there is some matching I did end up playing a large portion of this solo. The game looks excellent, and there is a large and surprising vertical and detailed world. The flight controls feel excellent but somewhat constrained. The shooting generally feels good for all classes. The classes are fairly different, but playing as the storm class felt by far the best option solo. The storm class had a nice variety of skills to choose from while the other classes really did not have the same variety of changing your skills. I did enjoy the storm class, but the story, characters and enemies are unnotable. There is a deep lore, but it felt disjointed and I did not really care about any of the events or people. Overall it was a somewhat enjoyable by the numbers slooter with nice visuals.

  • While this is faithful to the Metro series it does expand on the formula a bit. The biggest difference is the move from the cramped Moscow tunnels to the open expanse above ground. While there are still pently of tunnels and tight spaces, the move to a larger open world is much appreciated. The game is visually outstanding per the Metro standard, the landscapes, characters and items all look fantastic. Unfortunately the story did not really measure up, and is fairly forgettable, the characters are good on their own however. The crafting system is interesting and make the guns very unique. The combat is good and largely stealth focused. While the combat is good I did not find enough variety to keep it engaging, I felt that I was dealing with the same scenarios throughout the game with no real change in combat and stakes. Overall it is a compelling enough experience, that was unfortunately marred by a host of bugs. The game hard crashed over a dozen times and there were several other issues. When trying to play stealthy for the 'good' ending you need to knock out guys instead of killing them, and often the prompt to do so would come up late or not at all leading to breaking stealth when they noticed you. These issues along with lack of a compelling story lead me to quit the game before finishing.

  • A roguelike with a ton of comic book style and charm. A fairly standard rougelike to play, with evolving FPS upgrade paths. The game has couches it all with impeccable style that goes beyond the title screen. The look, items, writing and humor are all excellent. There is quite a lot of variety, but the game begins to stagnate once you understand how all the systems work. There is a decent variety to the weapons, but I very quickly found my favorites and learned which enemies required a certain loadout. The game was not difficult at all once it ran out of things you hadnt seen before. While it wasn't overly long, it did begin to drag slightly before the finish. An enjoyable game.

  • This is a direct extension of far cry 5 and feels more like a DLC than a new game. The map is essentially the same and we see many of the same characters. The gameplay is the same, with various outposts and similiar companions and stealth mechanics. Gratefully there are no kidnappings to interrupt the game play this time. The mod aspects come in when the locations have been severely altered by the apocalypse and they ramp up the druggy trippiness. They also add a religious/supernatural element which allows for things like double jumps and super strength. While I actually appreciated the additional move sets and movement abilities, the game play felt very much the same, and the companions are wildly overpowered. The story is lackluster, the twin girls are evil for evils sake and the missions revolve around building your base, not actual story movement. Still it is generally brief and enjoyable if not remarkable.

  • This is a time puzzle discovery game. Much of what they put forth is not overly challenging, but it is more about the discovery and experience. This game has a very clear and defined sense of style that pervades everything that it does. This is easily the best quality of the game, as exploring and sicovery is a genuine joy. The story is very interesting and is metered out where exploration is rewarding, until a point. The game does a great job of giving you reasons to explore and find different worlds, and at first it is amazing. Once you discover the time loop however the game begins to stagnate. At first the exploration leads to wild and expansive revelarions, but once you start drilling down the time loop and exacting nature of discovery begins to become a chore. In the end I could no longer bear through the tedium when i knew what needed to be done but the time and precision to do so was extensive and exacting. The game gets the big picture in an amazing way but lost me along the way, I still thing it is a genuinely unique experience.

  • The Division 2 is very much a slight iteration on the Division. The game is very much a shlooter with little to no story whatsoever. By all means this game is competent. The shooting is fine, the enemies are somewhat varied, and not quite as bullet spongy as previously. They have added some skills which are useful, but by no means feel game changing. The graphics are very well done, but I did not appreciate the art style at all. While you do go to various locations, everything is covered in garbage which makes every location feel the same. Eventually all of the encounters feel the same, take cover, pop skills, shoot, rinse repeat. While it is competent combat, nothing ever changes from one to the next, as the loot does nothing but increase your numbers, it doesnt change the combat at all. After about 9 hours of playing the same combat over and over, with no story hooks I couldn't bring myself to start the game anymore.

  • A new twist on a deck building game. A very unique game where you traverse a world and combat with you deck. You constantly and, remove and transform your deck and characters by the coices you make and the encounters you have. With tons of unlocks, 3 different characters that play completely differently and several different endings there is an amazing amount of replay value. I cannot stop playing this game even when I have seen most of it and other games becon. Truly a unique and amazing game.

  • Gears 5 is a refreshing update on the well trod gears formula. Right out of the gate its clear that the game looks excellent and plays fantastically. The controls are tight as ever and the fram rate was high and smooth. Gears expanded to a slighty open universe that is traversible, but there is not much in it. It also added an upgradeable robot companion with a number of unqie abilities. While I generally stuck with the favorites, the other abilities did have their moments. The story is nothing major, but it does take us to various locations and unearth some various tidbits about the universe. All of the enemies are back and there are a few new additions, as well as a few new ways to take care of them. OVerall the game played well, and kept things moving so the combat never got stale.While not truly memorable is was a very engaging and enjoyable play.

  • The Outer Worlds is a fallout style RPG, set in space. It is smaller in scope but much more polished than a typical fallout game however. Tasked a an unfrozen survivor set out to save the colony from destruction you set out into the universe. THe combat is competent and varied, the worlds look nice and unique. You meet a number of intersting characters along the way, and your companions are generally interesting and well written. They convey a number of different additions to your party, in both combat and dialogue choices. Even playing this game on hard, after a while the combat became fairly trivial once I made an effort to outfit my companions. There were a few UI problems I had with inventory and questing, and the game was too quiet at times with no real music. Still, because of the well written characters and game choices, I did enjoy my time with the game a good deal.

  • Katana Zero is a tight 2D murder action puzzler. The game has you playing as a drug addicted time wielding assassin. As a government super soldier, you are given mastery of time and rebirth. Due to memory loss you are not quite sure what is going on though. The game has very tight controls, and steadily layers on new mechanics. While very difficult, there are a number of paths to get to the end, and each time it started to feel frustrating, I was able to defeat the level. These games hardly every come with a story, but it does a nice job of giving you a slow drip of story while revealing some things and setting up a follow up game. The length of the game felt appropriate and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

  • Control is a fantastic game. It does an amazing job dropping you into an unknown situation while giving your character complete reason to also be confused. The game begins with your character barely knowing anything, and slowly uncovering where she is, why she is there and what she is doing. She is immediately thrown into the unknown and you are set to unravel the mystery of the oldest house together. The game does a great job of set and setting all while backed up by great graphics and great gameplay. The enemy variety does a good job of forcing you to use all of your ever increasing abilities and weapons. It does a great job of advancing the story all while advancing your abilities and means of exploring the world of the oldest house. By the time you are understanding your new world and everything going and having a basic understanding of the events surrounding bringing you there, you feel very powerful, but there are still a lot of things that are left to be uncovered. From the incomplete board translations, to the former, and the video presentations scattered around, Control is a top notch game on every level.