2020 Game List

List items

  • Ori WoW does everything it sets out to do. It takes what was a fantastic first game and follows it up by doing everything better and adding a whole lot more on top, while not dropping the ball on any of these additions. The art, setting, music and characters are all fantastic. They altered up the combat and platforming by constantly layering on new mechanics, spells, weapons and moves to navigate the world. The game never feels stale as they are constantly dripping new mechanics in, and upping the challenge to use all of these things together. This is about as flawless as a game can be.

  • Another fantastic game, that felt like it dragged at times though. The combat went from strictly stealth to stealth action, which I appreciated. The story felt a bit more forced, but it was still very impactful. The combat, the characters and the story kept me progressing, but while it nothing felt truly unnecessary, the game did drag on and become a bit of a chore late into the game. Still, with top notch visuals, music and story telling it was a great experience.

  • This is a standard XCOM style turn based tactics game. They have adapted this game play into the gears universe and dropped much of the outer worlds trapping. There are still squad members but they feel highly irrelevant as they are often out leveled and replaced. Overall the game looks great, and plays surprisingly well. The abilities, weapons, characters and idea of Gears of War translate extremely well to this style of game, and they were surprisingly well implemented and fun to play. The story is completely nonsense, and not worth following, but I really didnt mind because the gameplay was so enjoyable. They do a nice job of giving several different types of missions, and different modifiers and rewards on top of those. After a while the large number of side missions did begin to drag on however. Overall I enjoyed my time with Tactics and can recommend it.

  • A 2d semi metroidvania. Playing as a living ever growing blob/thing in an escape from a science lab is satisfying. The movement, visuals and sounds for this game are the standouts. Howver the environments, combat, puzzles and repetition betray the experience. I enjoyed it enough to play for a few hours but after nothing changed in the combat it became to stale to continue playing.

  • This game got its hooks into me early. It stuns you with a nice art style, polished controls and an interesting tale. Going into it blind I did not realize this was a harvest moon/loop sim, but to its credit, it took a good long while for this to show. I was invested in the story and the characters. Progress and discovery comes quick at the beginning of the game and its exciting. Unfortunately I fell off of this game well before it was over, the loop and progressions became too slow and grinding for me to enjoy. I enjoyed it enough to finish the game, but was not enjoying my time at the end, and it was only the conclusion of the story that drove me forward, and I considered you tube.

  • I was new to the wasteland series, and it is an isometric RPG with turn based combat. The overall premise of this game is a very bland rescue/recovery mission. Your nameless Ranger Duo, does not really have a personality, and they are set to startup a new band of Rangers. There is a lot to this game, honestly perhaps too much. There is a lot of dialogue that is occasionally good, but often drags. The are a lot of choices in both dialogue and inventory. The inventory is overwhelming, there are soo many weapons, armor, trinkets, healing items and who knows what else. There is a lot to the RPG as well, and it really feels as if it is needed to be min maxed which I didnt appreciate. While at times I was entertained by this game, the lack of story momentum, buggy and unispiring layout and slow xbox load times sucked out what enjoyment was there, leading me to quit.

  • This is a follow up to the Doom reboot, with all of the new systems cranked up to the max. The game runs fantastic, looks good and feels like a logical extension to the shooter. The weapons and base systems are the same, smash enemies for for health, set them on fire for armor and chainsaw them for ammo. They have also taken the wepon system and added a mod system, so it increases the variety greatly. They have also increased traversal by adding dashes, double jumps and a number of launchers. In theory this all works well, but the movement ends up being a bit rough for what they are asking. The enemies are brutal and now have weak points that practically force you play the game as they deem. The game practically becomes a management sim as you are constantly balancing resources. Combined with the less than ideal movement it begins to become a grind. I ended up finishing the game but I had long stopped enjoying the game.

  • A fantastic Rogue like that hits all the elements and more. The game begins with fantastic artwork and excellent voice work. It then manages to take greek mythology and manage its own interesting story. It then layers in an excellent combat system, with a large amount of variety, bonuses and perks that can then be altered to create a unique experience on each playthrough. The ongoing story and multiple progression lines keep you coming back for one more run. A fantastic overall experience.