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2021 Game List

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  • An oddly compelling and very unique game.

  • A very unique and polished rogue like. A very unique and cryptic world, with a good progression of items and levels. You really get an understanding of how the game works, and become increasingly better at the game. The enemies and weapons are all uniques, and the controls feel extremely tight. The visuals and sound are fantastic and truly feel next gen, and the haptic feedback adds to the immersion. While occassionally frustrating and long, I always did feel I was progressing. A fantastic game.

  • The game makes a strong first impression that eventually loses steam. The game opens in typical resident evil fashion by throwing wild curveballs immediately out the gate, the opening cut scene and first introduction of the village are entertaining. The games small details look good and the first mansion feels like a good puzzle box. It was downhill from there though, essentially no story updates for most of the game and the puzzle elements are dropped. It became an action game, and a very slow and fairly boring one at that. The gun and reload animations are long and the character moves like molasses. While not overly difficult the game felt tedious trying to get to the end, and the story was particularly laughable when finally explained in a massive info dump at the final boss.

  • This is certainly a PS5 R&C game. The game plays the same as it always has, but takes some advantages of the updated hardware. At times the game looks fantastic, but there are odd instances of things that look left behind. The story is non existent, Dr Nefarious shows up and off we go. There are weapons, there is platforming, there is destroying various robots and baddies. Eventually Rivet and Kit are introduced, but they are empty and play the same as ratchet. The weapons and humor are sadly lacking in this game and the 'rifts' are teleport points that add nothing. There are a few side games/missions that are also throw away quality. The game mostly looks, plays and controls well, which carries is somewhat enough to carry the short runtime.

  • A simple yet complex time loop game that takes place over 12 minutes. The game is aesthetically and mechanically simple. However there is a compelling story and a surprising depth to the loop. The variety of options you can explore, seem minimal at first but as your knowledge expands so do the items and the dialogue. The exploration was extremely satisfying for most of the game, and while I did bog down at bit towards the end, it was not enough to leave a sour taste. A good game.

  • This game was somewhat marketed as dual joystick cyber punk. The world in the ascent is extremely pretty and at times the graphics are stunning. Unfortunately I did not take to this game. The story was extremely minimal, so I was not invested in that way. It also seemed slow and over burdened by a surprising number of systems. All of this is offset by a terrible map in an open world where you can take a run turn into a 1 shot death. If the controls and combat felt better I could have been into this game, but mostly it seemed slow, wild difficulty spikes, and a reliance on cooldowns led it feeling to close to Diablo for my tastes. I left it very largely unfinished.

  • Psychonauts 2 initially threw me off with its outdated controls and gameplay. Giving it another chance, I was glad to not have dropped the game. While not a graphics powerhouse, it is extremely stylish and has a very unique premise and story which they use to its fullest extent. The level design is amazing, but at times the gameplay was a chore. Its not hard to see why they would want to keep you in these worlds to appreciate the detail and attention that went in to creating the world. Still, bugs, the controls and the dated gameplay was extremely frustrating at times. Overall, while the game went long and occasionally felt like a chore, it was hard not to get swept up in the energy of what it was going for.


  • This game initially seemed interesting. The hope of humanity shot into space and landing on a foreign planet. It was an interesting setup, but thats where it all fell apart. Setup as a Shlooter this gme did not do well enough for me to get into it. The graphics felt sub par while not terrible, the level design was poor and the game play was uninspired. It brought nothing new to the table and and while doing the retread gameplay of other games did not do it nearly as well as games like Destiny or even Anthem. The slow draw of the story was not enough to keep me from hating the stale gameplay, which is why I ultimately quit the game.

  • While I did not play this game but followed a long a playstream, I feel it deserves a review. Being a choose your own adventure game I feel that this was one of the best iterations. The gameplay graphics story, and overall polish was high. The dialog and characters was very believable and an enjoyable story!

  • I did not play much of this game. I tried to play this game in several formats, PC, X CLoud and finally settled on Xbox Series S. A spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, this did not grab me in nearly the same way. Everything felt too samey, the cards system was bad and ultimately it was just not very enjoyable in the short time I devoted to the game. It did not feel like hour 20 was going to be any different from hour 2.

  • A very unique game and stylish shooter with a loop element. This game makes a big if not confusing first impression. they dump a lot on you one, from their ability system, the trinkets, the weapons, the time and place system. Its comes off overwhelming, but its easy to progress because the game is so stylish and well presented. Once the intialy shock wore off I set into a nice grove of hunting the various objectives around the map. Unraveling a puzzle to break the loop. This euphoria lasted a good while, but eventually the bite sized pieces didnt fit so well together and I felt like I was chasing objectives. The puzzles and and inteigue around the map help keep things going, along with the fantastic shooting and controls. Eventually I was ready to be done and there was still some game left unfortunately, but it didnt ruin the great experience.

  • While this game at first appeared to be another generic movie game knock off it eventually became a big surprise. This game is divergent from the movie but carries the same basic dynamics. At first it appeared to be an interactive walk along, but it eventually threw in some combat which appeared stale at first, eventually just kept expanding. Continually adding elemental and stagger mechanics, as well as increasing the various team abilities. The characters and the combat are all very well done but this game lives on its writing. The dialogue is fantastic throughout, between the characters, in the story and the asides and side commentary. It shockingly does not let up, it is clever, smart and funny. There was little to no repetition and was constantly engaging, it was the true star of the show. The backups of interesting story, engaging combat, great characters and setting lead to this being quite the show.

  • Vanguard is not a large departure from the CoD franchise. I still thought that this was one of the better if not briefer campaigns of the past few years. First, the game looks fantastic, truly better than it ever has. It was not hard to be drawn into the story of the super soldier team coming from all the allies to take down the Nazis. The game explores WWII by following the team, and jet sets around the world by exploring each of their back stories. Each character had their own unique abilities that played into the mission. It was fun when that game neared the end and you took turns on different characters playing into their abilities. The story and action were both serviceable enough to keep propelling me quickly through the brief campaign.

  • While not the most visually striking games to come along, it looks quite outdated, it was one of the most compelling. A unique time loop game based on roman mythology. Transported back to an ancient city, you are tasked with uncovering the mystery of the golden rule. The game is parsed very well, and really makes itself stand out by the number of "sliding door" elements weaved into the complex story. It was a bried but compelling ymstery that really pulled me along as I uncovered the various mystery, and foibles of the characters and the situation they were a part of.

  • A unique musical take on growing up in the shadow of expectations and becoming your own self. While not much of a game as it was a musical interactive experience, it was still quote enjoyable. With some very minor and easy platforming, it was more about the sound and the visuals or exploring an alien world. Some slight simon says style musical and button interaction was enjoyable. While brief, I thought the game did slightly overstay its welcome due to its repetitive loop, but I was glad to have finished as the last act was the best.

  • The gunk is small and somewhat engaging 3D action platformer. The game looks and controls nice enough out side a few hiccups on both aspects. Dropped into an alien world filled with gunk, the basic action of vacuuming up resources and removing the gunk is enoyable. There are a few basic puzzles, a simple story and some light combat. The game was never difficult nor even that exciting, but cleaning up a gunked up planet was enjoyable for the brief runtime.