Best of 2011

My top 3 games, from those released in 2011.

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  • Skyrim is an imperfect masterpiece. It is the embodiment of why I love video games as a media. With almost 200 hours pumped into it within the last month or so, there's no question that is captured my heart, and my position as my favorite game of the year.

  • It's still amazing to me that a game with the Deus Ex namesake could be this good. This being the year in which I finally finished the titular game in the series, the first Deus Ex, it's amazing to contrast just how much more fun I found this game to be from both a gameplay and story standpoint.

    Were it not for Skyrim, Human Revolution would easily have coasted to become my overall game of the year.

  • Portal 2 is magnificently produced and crafted. Valve and their subsidiaries continue to craft some of the best works of art in the video game medium. From the puzzles to the voice acting to the visuals, Portal 2 serves to illustrate why Valve has remained perhaps the only development brand I can trust in the whole of the industry.