Games I finished in 2014

Let's keep the ball rolling!

I'm going to compile what will surely be a short list of games I've completed for the first time in 2014 - not necessarily 2014 releases (though I'll give mention to the two games which still haven't left my life: Civilization V and XCom - now with Enemy Within). Enjoy!

Last updated 2/19.

List items

  • Despite stumbling across two progress-breaking glitches, severe framerate hitches, and some gameplay fatigue settling in most particularly for the last mission, I really enjoyed Dead Rising 3 more than I thought I would (coming from someone who skipped Dead Rising 2, but now wants to go back to play it because of this).

    I would describe Dead Rising 3 as a glimmer of hope in the zombie apocalypse of early current-gen titles - or at least the ones which appeal to me. It would never make game of the year, but it's surprisingly fun.

    Kudos for the sheer number of models on screen at once, and despite the lack of a need for intelligent AI and the occasional stint of dropped frames, the smoothness does hold up where I feel it shouldn't have.