My 3DS shopping list.

I bought a 3DS against my better judgement. It was all because of this, to be honest. After all, the main reason I was in the market was simply because the last Dual Screened system I own is an original model with a twice-broken hinge. I could have picked up an old Lite on the cheap. However, it was either I bought a new Lite and a Vita or a 3DS to cover most of both angles.

Now I've a wide world of new games open to me, both 3DS releases and recent DS releases I've missed out on. So here's my personal shopping list of stuff I will be buying when individual game prices reach a sane level.

List items

  • Like I said, this is the reason I picked up a 3DS instead of just another cheapo used Lite. The sequel to my recent gaming obsession; this time with a fully-voiced Clover. Okay... despite that, I still want it. Badly.

  • Not because I'm particularly thrilled to play yet another Mario game, but because I hear this one is actually pretty incredible, especially as a game to show what the 3DS could do if more people put some effort into developing for it.

  • Sure, it's just an enhanced DS game, but I was going to buy the DS version anyway and this is... well, enhanced, and amazingly easier to find cheaper, because people are crazy with their pricing when supply dwindles (anyone want to buy my shrink-wrapped copy of Ever17 for $599?).

  • I guess if I'm getting the first game, I might be tempted to buy the second one. Or perhaps there will be an eventual 3DS enhanced edition of this as well?

  • So these games totally aren't even 3DS releases. I guess that's fine. I'm still, for some god awful reason, pretty much always down for more Pokemon (please help me!)

  • Since Mario Kart DS was my former favorite Mario Kart title, and I feel like those games work best on a portable system. It's been long enough, and I'm now bored with the DS track list. Time for the 7th Mario Kart game.

  • Because Symphonia wasn't their port-job, and I want to play a Tales game on a handheld. Actually, from what I've played of Abyss, it's pretty terrible, so maybe put this one under "curious" and "low priority."

  • Goddamn, if only the 3DS had a second analog stick. Which it will... especially now that I own what will soon be the obsolete model. Anyway, I've always *wanted* to enjoy the Metal Gear franchise, but rarely have I owned a system with a Metal Gear release. I also hear the third game is fantastic, and it sure does look it.

  • It's a 3DS downloadable title that is good, cheap, and uses the system to its potential. Sounds like it has the added benefit of being fun to play, too.

  • Because it's actually cheaper than buying nipple clamps and torturing myself for pleasure.

  • I don't even think I need to explain this. You get it.

  • Speaking of which, all those Layton games I've managed to avoid on the DS? I want them all now.

  • Sounds like a great JRPG in a sea of terrible JRPGs. And it's been a looooong time since I sat down and enjoyed a good JRPG.

  • I've wanted this since the Quick Look with Kessler. It's been even longer since I've played a Dragon Quest game (since Dragon Warrior, to be exact, and if you don't count Dragon Quest: Monsters for the Gameboy).

  • I hear this is the best version of a Picross game ever.

  • Though to be honest, I'd rather pay a more reasonable price for the iOS version.