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Yes for instance Die Another Friday #12, Alter Beast #10, and more videos from today & yesterday can be reached on the front page via a web browser but do not show up on the drop down list of their respected category/categories (“Premium” “DAF” “Latest” “TITR”) which makes them completely unwatchable on things like the Xbox/iPhone video buddy app which can only source videos from such catagory playlists.

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I have downloaded all of Hitman 1 via Xbox Game Pass, and purchased Hitman 2 on disc. When I got to the point after the tutorial where it recommends you play Hitman 1 first using the new engine, it doesn’t recognize my game pass version and wants me to buy H1 GOTY at full price (like $40.)

I’m wondering if there’s a workaround, or if I can buy the $18 upgrade to Hitman 1 GOTY mean for H1 plain disc owners... or even a disc version of 1 GOTY which would only be $20 at GameStop rather than the $40-$60 they want for the whole 1 package.

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Okay looks like I'll be getting the $139 bundle with the Pro controller with my gift cards.

But if anybody has more info about something else... that Hori single-left-joycon with D-PAD thing for $25... since I will be playing a ton at night in my room without a TV in handheld mode. Is that any good? Also, all those $24.99 and new $29.99 third party wired controllers with "pro controller" style layout, for cheap extras for friends and fam are they worthy or a hard PASS?

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What are people saying is the best controller to play the new Smash with?

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Seeing the original grand theft auto on the PS classic made me realize how similar it was to hotline Miami mixing cutesy 2D violence with a bad ass Tarantino-esque attitude and aesthetic.

Makes me wonder, could they make a polygonal 3D sequel that takes the series mainstream like GTA3? What would they need to do to make it happen? Can it translate that well? Who’d have thunk GTA could have anyway?

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Learning to fly PF

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Steve this contest strangely exposed what a weird, “disappointing” but not actually year this was for games. I wasn’t bored once this year. I had Fortnite and PUBG and their long shelf life predecessors Rocket League and Overwatch. Even crappy games like Mario Tennis and Mario Party seemed okay this venture around. God of War, Spider-Min, Red Dead all better than the average game even if they also had flaws. They made sequels to my personal GOTYs from recent past in Hitman and Just Cause.

Yet, and perhaps only in contrast to last year, we are faced with a Tetris game being the one the staff is most likely to agree upon, and another Call of Duty sequel the one the whole staff can agree not to fight against. Hitman 2 did nothing wrong, it’s just more of the same, which is what everybody asked for, but it’s feeling like the drop from Uncharted 2 to 3 as far as GOTY interest goes. God of War feels like it came out last year, it’s goodwill seems to have faded the same way Horizon’s did in hindsight.

Because last years games were built to last, because of the rise of free to play, because of the huge increase in quality and practically of budget, alternative gameplay titles like Jackbox, 2018 felt like a great, busy year in gaming.

But looking at Tetris and Not Another Teen Call of Duty, the lack of long term lasting impact for GOW, the passed-over, eh-not-for-mereaction by half the staff to Spidey, the absolute hatred of parts of the staff for “Red Dead 76”, GOTY makes 2018 in gaming look like the type of years when next gen consoles launch.

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1) Tetris Effect

2) Black Ops 4

3) Spider-Man

4) Astro Bot

5) Red Dead

6) Dead Cells

7) God of War

8) Moss

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Thanks dude. Popular is indeed still showing up but thankfully lower. I also keep Day in History on because its awesome and don't mind the links to infinite. Overall its just what i needed.

Something unrelated to either new or old site, I've always wanted a way, if its possible, when on the big "new games" list, to edit the dates and show all releases for a certain time period. Great for going back to January when you're trying to make your personal GOTY list ya know? Wikipedia is often wrong, listing games intended to come out this year that got delayed. And since GB/GS don't review all games anymore, releases page would help. Anybody else feel this way?

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Firefox link says download failed check connection every time. My internet is fine otherwise.

And from that link it downloads but says cannot install because it appears to be corrupt.