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ha! ha!

I can internets :D

Remembered I had an account here after viewing an internet privacy thread backfire on the OP


Confusing lay-out, but starting to get the hang of it.

I like that this place loads a lot faster than GS does. Huzzah. :3

I love the darker pages. Huzzah. :3

Just getting the hang of the lay-out. Managed to get an avatar of Felix up, and a profile image of Naked Snake.

Hope that this site will gain a few things like levels, collections, and post-counts.. (sounds so narcissistic..)

Also, that feed thing sure does move fast.

Major complaint is that when you look at a game's release-notes it says United States instead of North America. >_>

So far this site deserves a Huzzah/10 just for the first two things.