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Best of 2010

Can´t Belived another year has past , but this is about the games and there where some great games this year this 10 are my personal picks games that I will remember for there story´s ,characters , soundtracks and overall because they were fun to play and experience

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  • If you have any kind of Love for Sci-fi Mass Effect 2 is by far the greatest thing thats has come up sience ever! you need to do your homework sure play the first one , import your files but is the only way to experience this amazing game , Shepard and his crew are one amazing bunch and getting to know them and visiting the diferent worlds theres so much to experience... best game of 2010 no need for more words

  • Rockstar did it again can´t belived I didn´t miss the cars in an open world game but that horse became my best friend ... but those danm cougars!,bears and wolfs I felt like a wild man in a wild world a beautiful world one that only needs the sounds of nature to make you belived your in there

  • Bungie´s swangsong sounds amazing i almost felt like i wanted to be with those spartans at the tip of the spear, and noble six you are one badass spartan , I will, Play Forge and Film not only because is fun but because only one of those I can do in other games

  • Ok I get it... wait what?! , oh now I get it... is that Poets of the Fall? are those Twin peak Tv shows? yeah thats pretty much me while playing this game but i got to tell you won this one Wake you got me with Poets of the Fall

  • Juri... its all about Juri ,sure this is just and roster expansion and those color filters were´nt the best reward for people who bought the first but hey Street Fighter IV dosen´t have Juri Super does

  • I like Keyblades and flashy combos this game has them and lots of them , problably ths most fun I´ve playing outside the house not only that what other PSP game looks and plays that great it has his problem but hey no game is perfect

  • Trip´s eyes broke the uncanny valley the moment thos close up show up, and sience when post-apocalypse has look so pretty hell except for Pigsy I would say this game is gorgeous

  • Cutting Fools in half felt great again the game is just a big spoof but is fun as hell and as the old say says.. if you want to use 2 bean katanas just use one, trust me can it be more Japanese I think it can and probably thats why is on this spot.. needs to be more Japanese

  • WHAT!? how dare I to put this amazing game at #9 well let me tell you something I only bought 2 wii games this year but also Galaxy 2 is just more of the same noting more really, is that more of the same fun tough? oh hell yes

  • I haven´t bought a Kinect yet but if there is a game thats going to warrant my purchase is this one, did I look like a goof Dancing in the mall of course did I have fun? of course but not only that the fact that im saying "I was Dancing" is a hell of an acomplishment for a game