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Nintendo DS Besties

Pretty much what the tittle says and there´s some games missing from the total DS games I´ve played but they don´t quite manage to be Besties , this right here though are my favorites games for the handheld  and I can´t stop recommend them.

List items

  • Thats why you need to play this!, amazing soundtrack frantic gameplay, good old action RPG, amazing soundtrack , great story, Did I mention the soundtrack in this game is awesome? there´s so much I can say about The World Ends with you but everything will end up with me saying ... this is the BEST Nintendo DS game I´ve played don´t you dare letting your world end without playing it.

  • I Hate HAATE! this kind of puzzle games , but somehow 999 hook me up until the "end" , and boy the ending that I got left me speachless I think is the first time I get a proper bad ending without even noticing but it let me speachless it was awesome, it´s all about choices in 999 so be carefull! and don´t trust anyone, except the hint system.

  • Shell griefing on the go what more can you ask?... No the blue shell stays stop bitching about it.

  • You know what people say about minigame compilations? well this isn´t the case you have as much as 3s to do something crazy using the touch screen or the mic but maybe not as crazy as some other minigame compilation bestie on the list ...

  • A Poneranian is the best character in the game!, and you only go up from here crazy animtaions, good puzzles and a fun story make Ghost trick an easy recomendation to anyone.

  • this game is so awesome that you can play it blindfolded , of course if you have the rhythm in you ,crazy fun and japanese-y as Japanese games can get ... And if you don´t end up loving Young Love Rock 'n' Roll there´s no hope for you.

  • There´s no argument that some of the recent Sonic games have been less than great , hell less than decent but Sonic Rush delivers what his consoles brothers couldn´t fun gameplay good soundtrack fun levels and more importantly the absence of Sonic´s friends.

  • This game Kicked my ass Christ! ,and I consdier myself to be a decent RPG player I might return and finish Devil Survivor but the time I spent with it was more than enough to consider it a Bestie for the DS, even more if you like RPGs made by Atlus also the main theme is one of the good-vibe catchiest ones I heard in quite a while good stuff.

  • This game was my first experience with a proper Final Fantasy game, them random battles are kinda annoying but I spent a great time playing it and the music is as sweet as old RPG this gets.

  • Oh No Zelda got is trap... Nope Zelda is now a free spirit, free as a train of course. And while this isn´t my favorite Zelda game it´s a pretty good one and driving that train never gets boring.

  • while Scribblenauts has some great mind challenges you can spend hours typing stuff just in the tittle screen and the time machine actually works.