What is this sh*t?!

Yeah, i really don´t know what I´m gonna do with this blog.

Posting some 'stuff', improving my english (i´m from ze Germany) and killing some time is the best plan i have for now.

I´m gonna start by posting 5 random gaming facts about me (very creative, i know):

  1. Final Fantasy Adventure (aka Mystic Quest in Europe) is my fav GB game of all time!
  2. My mom kicks my ass in Tetris, Dr. Mario, It´s Mr Pants and the like.
  3. I never finished a console Mario game.
  4. A cousin of mine erased my (probably 100+ hrs) Secret of Mana savegame. 
  5. Mass Effect 2 was probably my favorite gaming experience in recent years. Replaying it before ME3, for sure.