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Angouri-approved Games of 2013

PERSONA 4 GOLDEN. Oh wait, that came out last year. :(

My game-playing in 2013 changed a bit. I played a lot of games, but looking back on the stack of 2013 releases that I trundled through, I didn't really enjoy them. I spent a lot of time playing games released earlier in the gen/retro. Something that I didn't expect: the 3DS and Vita are fantastic retro machines. I constantly wish Nintendo would expand its Virtual Console offerings on 3DS; Sony has such a strong precedent with its PS1 offerings on Vita/PSP. Why aren't SNES games on 3DS VC?!

Also, I have been busy these past few months, and console games released in november that I wanted to play (AC4) still sit shrinkwrapped. Just release your games in July, Games industry. I will play it then!

But, to maintain the gaming tradition: this list will contain just 2013 releases. It's still a work-in-progress, but I feel pretty confident about the ones I have added so far.

List items

  • Yeah... the end of this game destroyed me. The gameplay stressed me out. I had a visceral response to playing this game that I made me step away and re-examine why I am playing this, when it is so unpleasant emotionally. By far my favorite narrative of 2013.

  • The reason to own a 3DS. The best game Nintendo put out in 2013, by a mile.

  • I'm torn, because I think I prefer the platforming in Origins more. But Rayman Legends is an incredible game. I fought for all of those teensies (all 700!), and the music levels that round off every world are truly inspired. Including Origins in the game as an unlockable made me realize how much I loved Origins, and how much I preferred the challenge of Origins to the touch-shenanigans of Legends.

    NOTE: If you didn't play the last 5 levels of this game, you missed the best part of one of the best games of this generation. Shame on you.

  • I loved this game's single player, but the multiplayer has officially passed my ability level. The inability of Blizzard to teach new players its advanced mechanics is becoming irksome to me, and I'm not eSports enough for this. But that singleplayer was awesome.

  • An amazing game. Love its camp, love its typing. Sometimes, Sega delivers.

  • This little gem lived up to all its hype. I'd seen Gunpoint on the blogs, and was really interested in its gameplay. While it is short (I finished it in an afternoon), I enjoyed the puzzle mechanics for the creativity and uniqueness.

  • So, Velocity Ultra is the game that deserves attention. What a fantastic, arcade experience that no-one on my friend's list played. I loved it, despite losing my progress a few times due to its stupid saving system.

  • The soundtrack is incredible, the gameplay is incredible, it's the best Metroidvania game I've played in years!

  • I am torn in how I appreciate this game. On one hand, I blasted through it in such a way as to think it was amazing. But I also regretted the lack of difficulty in the puzzles. Playing Oracle of Seasons recently made me realize just how much better this game could have been if it wasn't so infantile. The game actively telling me to stop playing annoyed me like few things this year. And this was the game that officially cemented my opinion that the 3D aspect of the 3DS is terrible and the worst part of that system.

  • I love this game, but I wish there was more to it. It is an amazing trifle, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing Tearaway. <3 MediaMolecule

  • It was the game that I could play competitively with friends and not be terrible. Flash games FTW this year!

  • The real URL of the year. I love its subversive nature, and the way it manipulates the player. Best browser game by a mile.