Games with Issues

That's not to say they're bad games, but some are a touch... peculiar... without resorting to measures as blatant as jamming pens into people to cause bodily harm.

List items

  • The explanation for dualizing sounds creepy, that owl's eyes look about ready to pop from their sockets to roll across the floor and the humans look like really, REALLY bad Gerry Anderson puppets. Also, everyone is British.


  • Ripping the limbs off plank-based critters while a gout of purple blood spurts from their squeaking mangled bodies just so your avatar critter can assume their color and pattern type? Nope, nothing off-kilter about that at all!

  • YOU MONSTER. You left them and now they're dead. They're all DEAD. And after the horrible incident with the nautilus, too! DON'T YOU TOUCH THAT THERMOSTAT I JUST GOT THE SETTINGS BACK TO NORMAL!!

  • I made a half-fish, quarter-tank and quarter-gem-monster man by making pixel doodles in a grid. This is real science. SCIENCE!