Backlog - day 3

Game 18: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Wow, I'm impressed. For an early 360 title, GRAW does a lot of things right. It looks good, the framerate is smooth, there's a weight to it all that feels just right for a tactical shooter. And it gave me 25G for finishing the training mission. 14 minutes.

Game 19: Eternal Sonata. What a beautiful game. I'm not very experienced in terms of Japanese RPGs, but the battle system in this seems pretty cool to me. Great music, fantastic art direction, nice voice acting. Charming characters, too. After 2 hours and 19 minutes of playing (late title card: 1:15), I unlocked party level 2 by beating the forest boar, and gained my first achievement. I'll be going back to this game as soon as I can.

Game 20: Prey. I bought this game cheap on the strength of my impressions from the demo. At first, I couldn't get over the dated graphics, but I soon found myself dragged into the storyline and the mechanics. Since I'd played the demo, I decided to try and get a cheap achievement by scoring 15,000 points in Runeman. Didn't happen. Went on with the story, achievement popped after 17 minutes.

Game 21: Dead Space. I saved this one for last for some reason. 26 minutes, 20 dismemberments, 5G. It's already in my head. I might continue playing this right now.

So, what have I learned from my backlog bonanza? Pretty much that I have at least 15 games on my shelf that are worth playing sometime in the near future. Now I just need to get some free time.