where did all the unique storytelling experiences go this year?

Ok, so, my favorite game of last year was Nier, because it was so unique; not in the combat, necessarily (though they do shift between perspectives like it was going out of style) but the storytelling... very very sad game. Didn't get a lot of very good press, though, because the combat could be considered boring by some (it was at times), some of the side quests were monsters (also true). Alpha Protocol was another one that was slightly busted in spots, but the story telling was phenomenal and the characters were hella rad. Deadly Premonition! sure, that game is straight up busted, but you can hardly say it wasn't unique.

This year, though, there hasn't been that game, nor does it look like there will be that game, looking at the releases. I mean, Radiant Historia would certainly fit the bill... but I got really burned out, some bad design choices plus the combat drained me to the point where I didn't even finish the dang thing, so it doesn't especially count (for me). E.Y.E., maybe, but the awesome parts about that game aren't necessarily the story telling. Honestly the most unique at this point is Witcher 2, and that's really only because of the choice before the second act. and looking at the releases list, I really don't see anything that'll be super unique in terms of story telling, so looks like I'm going to have to wait until 2012 for that; Metro: Last Light, Prey 2 looks like it could have some interesting story beats, Far Cry 3 if only for that awesome trailer (though I'll probably be dissappointed), Last Guardian...

I dunno, am I just crazy? (some people probably do think me crazy for liking AP and Nier as much as I do, but WHATEVER)