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Best of 2010

Laketown: Best of 2010

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  • This game has one of the most depressing (and great, let's be clear here) stories I've ever played, and made me teary several times. The characters are great, the music is amazing, and the gameplay goes way off the deep end. also not enough people played this, which is the biggest shame :(

  • Half Life 2 made by Ukranians, nuff said.

  • Despite being very buggy and the Gamebryo engine doing no favors, I was still invested enough to play through it three times.

  • One of the most innovative battle systems in an RPG ever, and something I could show to people who say that JRPG's are the same old shit. Also the music is pretty cool too.

  • Yeah, the gameplay sucks, but the diversity the story offers is incredible; I just finished it the second time, and the entire last mission was significantly different. Something I really couldn't say about a LOT of RPG's, western or otherwise (even New Vegas, while having a pretty cool ending, ALWAYS ends with the Hoover Dam).

  • a less buggy stalker and some really amazing side quests. The plot is pretty cool too, until you get to Pripyat that is. It really feels unfinished there, and it's something that bumps it down some.

  • Really really cool, improved on the dead rising concept enough to make it better, but not enough to make it completely different, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • shit be craaaaaaaaaazy (and the gameplay is super fun)

  • I thought the storyline was really really good, and the multiplayer is fun as well.

  • I absolutely loved it when I played it, but looking back on it now, it definitely isn't as great as people say. It's well made, to be sure, but it's still the basic Bioware tropes through and through.