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animateria: Best of 2009

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  • 350 hours and still going! Although it has a relatively high learning curve, once you understand the mechanics the game is deeper than any action game out there. The monsters in the game aren't just enemies you grind through, they act like animals with certain patterns yet also with a bit of expected unpredictability. It's quite impressive how much details Capcom has crammed into a PSP, and it's one of the best games that showcase the systems potential.

  • A comic book super hero/villain game done right. Everything in inFAMOUS is polished to near perfection and it makes the game that much more better for it. In the line of many free-roaming parkour games, this ones got it right.

  • A good comic book licensed game? A good Batman game? This game surprised everyone by not just being a good Batman game but being a superb action game among it's peers. The environment's are detailed, all the cool gadgets are in, and last but not least, Batman and all those famous criminals are fleshed out to the utmost degree to create a great rendition of the Batman universe.

  • A significant leap over the first game, ACII is a blast to play through. In many ways, ACII among other great free-roaming games of 2009, show a definitive improvement over the earlier free-roaming games of this console era.

  • Borderlands is probably the first Roleplaying First Person game to get it right. With the missteps of Hellgate London and even Fallout 3, which was a great game no doubt but the shooting was terrible, it was hard to imagine a RPS being fun to play. But Borderlands managed to leap over expectations and become a sleeper hit. It scratches that Diablo itch in a shooter! Need I say more?

  • With the reputation of being brutally hard to players, Demon's Souls seemed like another niche title that would sell in low numbers and have a small following. However with the unique multiplayer and solid mechanics, it won the heart of many gamers including me. And no, it's not actually that hard. Try learning how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and tell me this is hard.

  • flower is probably the most charming and peaceful game that came out in... pretty much forever. I think this game will be overlooked and forgotten by many, and that is rather unfortunate. There is something very Studio Ghibli about this game despite not having a plot involving actual people. And I think it is excellent for it.

  • The best co-op game of 2009! Sure, it might not be a survival horror game anymore, but killing zombies with a friend never been this fun. It's a blockbuster action game that is constantly filled with explosions to the very end.

  • It's Diablo 2.5 with a little Fate and a little WoW. If you are waiting for Diablo 3, let's be honest that's what we actually want, this will fill that loot whore in you quite well.