E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

animateria: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

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  • As one of the most anticipated yet also the most delayed games, fans either were frustrated or their excitement cooled down. Thankfully with the release date finally announced fans can rejoice and celebrate the long awaited GT5. I personally can't wait to get my hands on the game!

  • inFAMOUS was an excellent free-roaming super hero title to grace the PS3. It was superbly polished and exciting and fun to play. With inFAMOUS 2 Cole get's some new powers, ice, and a lot of new villains. That alone is enough to make me excited to see more.

  • While MGS: R was teased last year, it was a great experience to watch the first gameplay trailer. The sword cutting of the enemies and the environments were impressive and the fact that it ties in with MGS4 doesn't hurt either.

  • It's more MotorStorm but perhaps this game fits the game's mentioned post-apocalyptic world the best. A crumbling cityscape sounds interesting but also brings in some worry that MotorStorm might lose it's variety that was present in Pacific Rift. Only time will tell.

  • Killzone 2 was a great PS3 exclusive with an impressive Multi-player component. The single-player experience is probably debatable. With Killzone 3 there seems to be more care put into different environments as well as different actions in the single-player. The game looks on top of the curve in terms of graphics, and will also be one of the first FPS games to fully incorporate 3D from the ground up. I actually want to see more of the Multi-player content, which is the meat of any modern FPS. With KZ2 having an impressive Multi-player I doubt they would disappoint.

  • It's NFS: Hot Pursuit... The Hot Pursuit series was the greatest high point for the NFS series in my opinion and with Criterion on the helm, this one is going to be an absolute BLAST!

  • There were rumors going back and forth about this one... Until Sony just slammed it into everyone's face! TWISTED METAL! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • GlaDOS announced the surprise in 3, 2, 1... I was surprised. HUGE SUCCESS!

  • Marvel finally smartens up and joins up once again with Capcom! Can't wait to pummel some comic book ass! Get HYPE!

  • From the creator of Rez comes Child of Eden. The usage of the motion controls is great and the visuals are trippy as hell, I think it will be one of the most interesting motion control titles to hit the 360 and the PS3.