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It’s hard living on the edge when you’re one of the Watchmen.

Finished two things over the weekend.

Finished playing Mirror’s Edge. Expect a review of that soon. The vast of majority of the game was exhilarating and an absolute blast to play, but the second half of the last level was so painful, it was unbelievable. Way too much combat. Also, what was up with the end? Anticlimax much? Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t have expected a good ending from a current gen title.

I also finally finished reading Watchmen. I picked it up because of all the hype over the movie, and I just ate it up. I thought it came to a good conclusion that made sense, and now I really want to go and see the film at some stage, although I’ve heard it’s a bit rubbish....

Also...Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re all eating crap loads of chocolate!



So, I'm back on GB after god knows how long. Long and short of it is that I really missed some people's blogs from GS, and I thought I would make a return. Also, I need video views for my stuff on youtube, and I'm a whore, so there! =]

Been reading Watchmen, and can't get enough, same goes for Mirror's edge. I will post my next video here, so I can update a bit better. Hope you've all been doing well!


GiantBomb may have won the battle, but who will win the war?

I like GB. Much faster and less glitches make for a far less stressful sight, but I would never, ever, leave GS for GB. I just think, that at the moment, GB is just in the spotlight because of the staff, nothing else, which is admittedly true. What happens after all the big names from GS have their on profile? Is there going to a whole load of newcomers to the site? That I'm not sure of.

GS has been my home for almost 4 years. I have 200 friends, 450 people tracking me(not that I'm counting....:P), nearing 850 blogs and well over 570 games on my collection page. I can't leave all that, or hope to transfer that same commitement over here. I'm also starting to get the uneasy feeling that this place isn't all its cracked up to be. You can go on Wikipedia and edit video game articles if you're inclined to, and you can write on people's walls and blog on the myriad of social networking sights and


Mass Effect finished!

Yep! Finished last night. The ending was pretty epic, and I'm hyped for the next one.

I'm now working on Guitar Hero II and Sonic 2, so that's cool I suppose.


Oh yes, finally!

They're making games based on Mean Girls and Clueless! Zomg! Two of my fave films of all time. Hmmm, wonder how they'll work.

Seeing as GB can embed videos from youtube, it does look as if SHG Ep.11 will be launching on Youtube, GS and GB at the same time, so that's cool.

Also, I really cannot be bothered with GS's blog, 'cos its sooo slow compared to GB.

Finally, I am addicted to Mass Effect. Getting lots of achievements helps.


One thing I won't be doing on GB.

Transferring my collection. Gamespot's list system is much better, and with almost 575, its just a waste of time.

I hope everyone's enjoying the site! I am. Although, my submission on Tekken is taking a while, but whatever.
Think I'll go edit the Guardian Heroes page....


And so it begins....

Hey all! anton10000 here! Had to get here ASAP so I could make sure that my username wouldn't be taken by someone never know!

Haven't looked aroung much, but hey, I have a whole summer for that. On a technical level, it is better than GS.