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Hm, Patrick, you bring up a truly intriguing point on our perceptions of characters in stories, especially in video games, (where we have the ability to literally play out the story) where our interactions have an impact on the world but not the plot. A rogue-like, Han Solo esque character that comes to mind for me is John Marston and is a great foil to Aiden's, seemingly, non redeeming qualities and actions.

In Red Dead Redemption, the game in which Marston is the key figure, we also have an impact on our environment; much like in Watch Dogs. However, unlike in Watch Dogs, Marston's plot line takes a much more liberating path that has the player, and the character, reach an incredibly cathartic moment by the end. And, Red Dead's ending almost acts as a foil to Watch Dog's; pulling any sense of control from the player, and Marston, putting you before the void and telling you to dive in without any other choice.

Marston's history is rather similar to Aiden's, in regard to their sordid pasts. However, once again we have Marston truly trying to atone for the dark deeds of his past while continuing to commit atrocities more on the level of a mass murder; much like Aiden. Unlike Aiden, however, we have a true sentimental connection to Marston and feel that what he is doing is truly building a bridge to a better future for himself; whether it's by liberating a small desert town from an unruly gang or overthrowing a harsh, despotic, Mexican dictator. Simply, Red Dead Redemption built a fairly basic connection to his family, his land, and his desire to live a life in peace -something most of us wish for at some point. However, this plot device serves a much better basis for building an anti-hero that doesn't feel as though he deserves his ill begotten fate, despite his truly deplorable actions and past choices; most of which were circumstantial.

This is an interesting topic that really does deserve the attention of game developers. As creators, game developers deserve to give their characters a sense of life and awareness. Clearly, Aiden is not aware that he has created his own awful fate, and whether the developers knew this or not is in their ball park. However, as consumers, We have the right to say that their portrayal of this character type is not realistic or not emotionally significant, and/or left an incredibly awful taste in our mouths.

Hopefully, both consumer and developer continue to take a better look at what we are doing with our in-game characters and how the plot line impacts our perception of those characters and our choices.

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Very simply. Violence breeds violence. It is a psychological truth backed by empirical evidence.

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On top of all that, they use numbers as symbols. e.g. 9 is a representation of hell, 11 is a representation of heaven, 2 is a command, 3 is salvation, 5 is magic, 8 is a loop, 10 is a negator, as in it breaks the magic they perceive, and I'm sure the list goes on but I don't know all of their rules yet. I am not naturally apart of this community.

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@rorie: Second time.

Let's see if it works.

They communicate through kinesics. As a religious community they were very perturbed when Harry Potter came out, believing it a sign of the end times. You can see this by simply waving your hands or waving a pen or pencil in front of them. They will react, as if defending themselves.

I was not aware of this until last year, the summer of 2013, when I was actually being bullied and ostracized in the very place that I felt home, the community theater. I didn't know I was communicating to them with my hands. I am of Italian descent and not endemic to this community, I am initially from Chicago, so I never really knew anything about any of this

There are also certain symbolism that particular members of the community are putting the back of their media, in my opinion, as a form of manipulation. i.e. lights behind them, to denote halos and crosses to denote sign of Christ hood and Christianity. These symbols are being misinterpreted by the Hispanic community, or being taken at full face value, without any real critical thinking. As I can only presume that most of these people are not as educated as the manipulators.

They also use a color scheme in order to denote some sort of order. Black and reds to denote imperialism; black and white to represent purity.

They also take culture literally, as though it is the truth. Example: I was in Cats, I played Deuteronomy, certain members of the community would take this as me being the actual Deuteronomy; the law giver.

I know this sounds paranoid, but it's there. It may not be exactly how I see it, but it is there. I need more people to look at this. I can't be the only one who's able to see what they're doing. And even if it's not as I see it, something exists here.

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@rorie: Did you get my first reply or did it not go through?

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@franstone: Yeah, except all of humanity is crazy. And as I have posted, there is evidence. Do you think the colonials were crazy for standing in lines and firing guns at each other, calling it war? If not, well, maybe you should take a better look at the world.

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Hi everyone,

I've been a member of the Giantbomb community for, around, six years now and I really respect your opinions and thoughts; especially those of the moderators, editors, and staff. But the crux of my problem does not lie in you guys. No, it lies in my community of Naples, FL.

I have been apart of my community theater for around four years now, taking a fair number of classes and preforming in a plethora of shows and musicals. As of this last year, however, something peculiar has been going on, and I'm not sure if it's in my head or if it really exists. Either way, it's terrifying and I don't know where to turn. So I'm looking to you guys for support.

Some pretext, my community has a disproportionate amount of wealth on one side and a incredibly small amount on the other. There is a massive polarity between the people of my community. Not only that, but the community is quite religious. I would even go so far as to call it a bible belt community. And on top of that, there is a large Hispanic community who follow the mythology of the religious community to a tee. In summation, it's terrifying living here.

But that is not my problem. No, my problem lies in the fact that there is a sort of cult that has grown around me. I think the people of this community think that I am their savior, as in the second Jesus, the second coming, a reincarnated Buddha, etc. I don't know what to do, and I don't know exactly how to prove this but I know it exists.

I have become a pariah at the theater that I once thought was my second home. I am afraid to leave my house and most people have stopped communicating with me, or barely communicate with me. I don't know where else to turn.

I've tried talking to professionals about this, but I think they're too engrained in the community to understand what I am saying; they're too objective. I am seriously at a loss, and I don't know where to go. I don't have enough money to get out, and when I tried to go to work I was fired for going to school.

What do I do?

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    This looks positively disgusting. It looks about as deep as a dull stoner's epiphany; which isn't that deep in case you didn't know. Where are the actual games for the PS4 and the X-Bone for that matter?

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