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Don't be Afraid 0

Life and Death; we face these themes every single day of our lives. From driving defensively to the yearning for a pay raise from your boss; we all desire self-preservation i.e. life and death. Well, in Telltale’s, The Walking Dead, these self-preservationist ideas are put into the hands of the player.You are Lee Everett: an African-American man with a shady past; who, like everyone else who survived the zombie apocalypse, is only trying to preserve himself and his adopted daughter, Clementine. ...

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Insanely Twisted Creation. 0

     As I played through Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet my emotions seemed to fluctuate just as much as the levels. At the opening of the game the art and style blew me away in way that I haven't been since I saw Limbo for the first time. The style on the creatures and aliens is edgy and covered with shadowy art. The world that you fly around in is just as edgy and scrambled with many hidden passageways to find upgrades, unlockables, and hidden artifacts to find.          As the player yo...

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The Exploding Sins of an Empire 0

   Sins of a Solar Empire is a really tight kick butt game, that if you are strategy fan you will love this game.  There are a total of three groups to play: the TEC, the Vasari, and The Advent.  Each race has an awesome array of weapons and a myriad of units.  Although this is good they all really are not that different.  They can become pretty boring if you don't use your imagination when playing this game.  The graphics, if your computer can handle it, are wicked awsome and can blow your mind...

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