Convention list of tricks

Holy crap, Anime Expo is next week! Oh man, it feels like it was just a year ago since I went to the last one. know what I mean. Anyway, conventions are such a different world and environment, that if it is your first time going to one, you might feel lost. Now is as good a time as any for me to jot down some tips and reminders (mostly for myself) to avoid any sort of awkward and frustrating situations.

DO bring cash to the event.

  • Keep in mind, conventions can be pricey. Your cash will go towards parking, food (more on that one in a bit), and any collectibles you might be interested in purchasing. Conventions sell all kinds of stuff, like figurines, posters, and DVDs. Some vendors may allow you to use debit cards, but don't expect it from everyone.

DON'T buy food at the convention center.

  • The first time I went to Anime Expo, I didn't see any fast food places nearby, so I bought some food in one of those food trucks. Yes, it was expensive. If you're going to any convention, you should go on Yelp and scout the area for any conveniently located fast food places or something. When I went to Anime Los Angeles earlier this year, I went to a gas station a couple blocks down and bought some chili dogs like Sonic the Hedgehog. Or, you could always take your own food. That works, too.

DO take your 3DS for Street Passes.

  • You'll be filling those puzzle pieces extremely quickly.

DON'T forget to let people in your Mii Plaza regularly after using them.

  • There's a limit to how many Miis can be allowed into your Mii plaza at a time. You'll have to let a group in (the limit is 10 Miis per street pass, I believe), use them in Find Me and Puzzle Swap, and then let the next group in. If you're going to panels, you'll have some down time to play those 3DS minigames.

DO look at the panels and plan ahead of time.

  • You may want to scout the panel room and see how bad the line is, and also get a good sense on where to find everything so you don't get lost. Depending on the convention, the line can get pretty big at some of these panels.

DO take a camera.

  • Cosplaying is a big part of anime conventions. You may want to take pictures of your favorite characters. Be sure your camera is charged, because you'll probably be using it a lot.

DON'T assume you know who people are cosplaying as.

  • I'll admit, I'm afraid that one of these days I'm gonna get pummeled for confusing Frieza for Cooler or something like that.

DON'T be a bully!

  • I'm going to be going to Anime Expo with some friends, who I think have never been to a convention before. I can understand the cosplaying world appearing strange to an outsider, but have some decency. Don't laugh, don't stare, and don't do what this Men's Fitness guy did.

That about wraps it up. I'm a bit nervous how this convention is gonna turn out. Will I make new friends? Will I see cool cosplayers? Find on next time on GiantBomb Z!