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Best of 2010

Apathylad: Best of 2010

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  • I didn't play the first Mass Effect until earlier this year, and importing your Shepard is the way to get the most out of it. Mass Effect 2 was a great improvement over the first game (although I rather put up with the Mako than monotonous mining), and further embellishes on the franchise's universe. People raise their fists against the thought of Mass Effect having multiplayer, but this is a series I can see being taken in various directions in the future. I am looking forward on the decisions that will carry over to the third game.

  • Red Dead Redemption has a great atmosphere to it, while never losing Rockstar's sense of humor and storytelling that you'd see in Grand Theft Auto. The shooting mechanics have improved over the years, so the firefights feel a lot more solid than the previous GTA games.

  • It's Mario. More Galaxies.

  • Crazy action! Bayonetta is filled with craziness.

  • It has been many years since I’ve bought a Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior game, and IX improves upon what I have remember liking from the series. I spent a great deal of time thinking about names for my party, as well as customizing looks for them, and the result was a homage to the party I originally made back in Dragon Warrior III. Thematically, the game was about restoring the faith of NPCs, and Destructoid has put it that Dragon Quest IX is restoring gamers’ faith in JRPGs.

  • Trauma Team was a step in the right direction for the series, adding variety and experimenting with different ideas on how to go doctoring. The multiple characters with overlapping stories made the narrative much more appealing for me than any of the previous entries. It wasn’t a realistic medical drama, but the characters were still distinct and likable. I was reminded of the Ace Attorney games when using Dr. Kimishima, and it makes me wish that Phoenix Wright would make the jump to consoles (the WiiWare port doesn't count!).

  • Speaking of games with questionable voice acting, Heavy Rain was a lot more focused than Indigo Prophecy in terms of story. It had plot holes, but this was a game I felt I got more out of the experience from reading and listening to spoiler discussions. At certain moments, I sat and pondered the decisions that were presented, and the interactive film nature to it has a lot of potential as a storytelling medium. The pacing was erratic at times, but there really isn’t much else quite like Heavy Rain. It is raining as I am typing this!

  • I wasn’t offended by Samus’ characterization (probably because I’m sexist, according to a certain GiantBomb user), or annoyed by the story, voice acting, etc. I’d argue that most games have problematic stories and questionable voice acting, so I felt that criticizing Metroid for it was missing what the product accomplishes as a GAME. It blended old and new, with simplified controls and fast combat that bring me memories of Ninja Gaiden. It was different, sure, but Nintendo gets a lot of flak for never taking risks with its franchises ("Twilight Princess was too much like Ocarina of Time! Every Pokémon game is a remake! All Animal Crossing games are the same!"), so I’m glad that Team Ninja was involved in the creation of a new Metroid, rather than having Retro Studios make another Metroid Prime.

  • Darksiders may not have been original, but it was a great homage to Zelda games in a year where there wasn’t a Zelda game. Little was known prior to its release, so it was a pleasant surprise that Darksiders turned out as well as it did. Having Mark Hamill tease you throughout the game makes him a more compelling fairy-type than Navi was. Hey! Listen! I’m looking forward to what will be accomplished in the sequel, side-story, or whatever they’re calling it.

  • It's more Call of Duty. The story of the campaign made more sense, and there were some neat additions to the multiplayer. Gary Oldman FTW!