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Polarizing games in 2010

For me, 2010 was a year where a lot of mainstream titles got a lot of mixed opinions. It's incredible just how divisive last year's games were. One person's Top 10 was another person's "Most Disappointing". These were the games that stood out the most.

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  • Heavy Rain's story had problems, but it was so different that I appreciated it for what it was trying to accomplish. The voice acting was unusual, and combined with poor facial expressions, it made the more serious scenes appear overly comical. JASON! However, it received positive reviews despite its shortcomings, and there really is a lot of potential using Heavy Rain's method of storytelling. The experience was more enjoyable than Indigo Prophecy for me.

  • It was pretty to look at, and I'm told the game improves after 20 hours or so, but I never finished Final Fantasy XIII. I may try getting back into it eventually, but by now you've probably read most of the complaints. The game is extremely linear at first, with running forward broken up by encounters. Reviews were generally positive as well, but, like Heavy Rain, lots of people bash FFXIII. Will Final Fantasy ever become as universally revered as it once was?

  • Sexism! Bad writing! Whatever you want to call it, Other M was hated because of Samus' portrayal. The story to Other M had shortcomings, but having websites write 5 pages worth of words explaining how Yoshio Sakamoto is a misogynist had me feel that it was blown out of proportion. Other M isn't the first entry to a franchise that had a story that frustrated people (Metal Gear Solid 2 still got great reviews with its nonsensical narrative), but Other M's case was different.

  • Is it or isn't it a God of War clone? A recent Joystiq podcast I listened to has it's staff both for and against Lords of Shadow's favor. I still haven't played it, but I'm going to approach this one cautiously. GiantBomb seemed to think the game was just okay.

  • Deadly Premonition isn't mainstream, but it became unexpectedly popular thanks to the Endurance Run and other weird coverage. They mechanics were bad, but people still thought it was one of the most memorable games of the year. I never got around to playing it, but I keep thinking that I should just to fit in.

  • I've been meaning to add this, but I never played it, and I don't have the desire to. I hear that it was buggy and rushed or something.