FIRST (Blog Post)

I've never been compelled to write anything, but today seems more right than any. I started listening and following the bombcast back when it was Arrow Pointing Down. It got me through college depression, and drove me to move north, to Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco where I see the guys periodically downtown. I want to work in the games industry because of people like those who work at Giantbomb. I recently went through a troubling time, and listening to the last bombcast before Ryan's wedding really lifted my spirits, unlike any comedy or news show can. I will follow until the unique voices that make this site what it is cease to exist. Unfortunately, one of the most important voices to me will not be returning. I'm real broken up about someone I only met in passing having lived in proximity with them. I suppose it's an even stronger emotion that I cannot understand, having not lost many I know around me. Looking forward to hearing someone's stories, opinions, humor and insight, it's a shock to have all of that gone. He'd probably be snarky as hell right now at each and every one of us, so if you don't feel like pouring your heart out, just play ONLY THE REALEST SUMMERJAMS.

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