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Favourite Games

These are a selection of my favourite games. It didn't end up the way I thought it was going to but I'm still pretty happy with it! There isn't any order to this, that would just be too difficult!

List items

  • I think Link was my first crush.

  • I played this game for about six years, for that reason alone I think it deserves a place on my favourite games list.

  • The atmosphere for this game was perfection! I loved the characters, the story, the music, everything!

  • I became a little addicted to this and formed a close bond with my character. I was disappointed when I was unable to make a similar looking character on Skyrim, so opted for creating him had he aged a few centuries. What? He was a vampire!

  • I love this game. So damn much. Despite there only being two playable areas (I think) I still had a lot of fun. Being able to respond to text messages, answer or decline phone calls, converse with fellow bar goers all added up for me to enjoy a game that I truly felt I shaped the outcome for!

  • Ah, a Mario game had to be on here somewhere. It was a tough call for me between this one and the others that I have played. But I based my choice on how I felt playing them recently, rather than looking back on my time playing them. Had I done the latter I'm pretty sure this would have ended up being Mario 2!

  • Because of my mother's love of Alice in Wonderland (I was almost named Alice) it became one of my favouite stories, too. Although at times this game felt dragged out I loved the story and being able to unlock little secrets by collection memories. There were a bunch of elements to this game that made it enjoyable, but I think one of my favourites was becoming giant Alice!

  • It was such a tough call between Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. In fact, I think I may end up added Asylum to this list as well!

  • Ah, Alan Wake. I was so excited about buying this game, playing this game and finally finishing this game. I loved it.

  • Have you seen Twin Peaks? It's one of my favourite TV shows. Deadly Premonition felt like I was playing Twin Peaks. I've seen many people shun this game but to me it's brilliant and the music is just . . . ba, da, da, daaa, ba, da, da, da, daaaa

  • Despite making my character look like an angry butch lesbian this game was so much fun! It showed me another side of myself, the power hungry "FEAAAR ME!" side I know we all have within us. Only, when you're 5'3 it's difficult to act the part in reality. So thank you Fable II, for letting me be the overlord I always knew I could be!

  • Assassino! Waaah! I always say I love the Assassin's Creed franchise despite only having completed 2 and Brotherhood. I guess that would make me a liar, if, it weren't for the fact that I'm an assassin. Therefore, it simply makes me deceptive!

  • This game is unashamedly sexist. As a woman myself, having to play as a fully clothed curvacious lady who kicked ass was admittedly difficult. I'm sure at one point, whilst in the bar, she was even asked to make a sandwich. Thankfully, I was able to look past this blatant sexism and see the game for the beautiful work of art that it is. I also liked being able to turn into a cat. Mew.

  • This game was incredible. I spent a long time looking for a romance game like this and although at first I thought it wouldn't be quite what I wanted I soon realised how wrong I had been. Similar to Catherine I had fun developing or ruining budding romances with different members of what the game called my 'crew'. Having the opportunity to converse with the varying characters and discover whether or not we were a match was enjoyable, but being able to take them out on dates was the cherry on top! I didn't believe in love until I met Garrus. I have a lot to thank this game for!