Games I've been recommended by pretty folk

This 'ere be a list of games that I've been recommended by fellow GB users. If you recommended me a game on this list (and I like it a lot) then I am forever in your debt. Meaning, if we ever meet, I'll buy you a cookie.

List items

  • I lost so much time to this game that I still don't quite know what month it is. I'm an absolute sucker for multiple endings and the game actually ended up being really fun. Bravo Hanako Games! I had no idea I could go that long without sleep.

    Thank you, Eroticfishcake! ❤

  • I played this on the Wii and it still managed to be probably the scariest game I've ever played. God damn that wiimote phone!

    Thank you, Paranerd! ❤

  • This game wasn't so much a recommendation as I saw it on Ajay's list/blog/ican'tremember. I loved the look of this game and it actually got a few jumps out of me. It also has multiple endings, need I say more?

    Thank you, AjayRaz, for writing a blog I just so happened to read. ❤