ArbitraryWater's Favorite Games of 2019 (that came out in 2019)

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  • Resident Evil 2 is legitimately somehow better than the game I imagined in my head

  • They made Fire Emblem good again fam. Well, I mean, the map design is lacking and man does that monastery stuff start to drag, but they made a Fire Emblem

  • It's a pretty hard choice between this, Bayonetta 2, and DMC 3, but needless to say DMC 5 is one of my favorite character action games of all time.

  • The final boss of Sekiro took me like 6 hours to finally beat. It honestly felt like the most significant gaming "accomplishment" of this year, and I'm not sure I ever want to play it again. 9/10, #4 spot on my list.

  • Apex was probably the game I played the most this year, and was a pretty constant presence throughout.

  • Triumph Studios continues the trend of making eminently playable strategy games that are really good for just sucking away my life.

  • While clearly smaller-scale and lower budget than some of the games it draws inspiration from, Remnant is more than the sum of its parts, but more importantly understands the basic act of firing a gun.

  • Disco Elysium is a game I liked a lot. I guess I just didn't like it as much as some of you.

  • Kingdom Hearts is both profoundly stupid and sort of entrancing. Sure, it's approximately zero fun to play after a certain point, but when you see the shit happening on screen, does it really matter?

  • As a fan of anime bullshit, Somnium Files offered a significant amount of it.


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I like that I have played zero of those games. Interesting list.

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Not that this list actually means anything, but if it did, I would like it., especially the number one. Maybe. I'm not saying that.