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ArbitraryWater's Favorite Video Games of 2021 (that didn't come out in 2021)

List is not final until the blog comes out, because this one is difficult. But hey, in case you were wondering, played some absolute bangers this year. Limiting this down to 10 is gonna be an ordeal, and I'm not even counting replays.

List items

  • unironically my favorite old-school shooter in years

  • Raw JRPG excess and audacity. Also putting this as high as it is will make ZombiePie mad, so extra points.

  • Finally, Mimimi is here to try and single-handedly revive the entire weird subgenre of "Commandos-likes" If you like shadows, and tactics, and a game that makes you feel very good when your stupid plans come to fruition, highly recommend.

  • Angry Man Murders Greek Mythology And Sometimes Pushes Blocks II continues the trend of the Angry Man Murdering Mythology series of being very good if you would like to see an Angry Man Murder Greek Mythology and Sometimes Push Blocks.

  • someone please go back in time and give this game to my 12-year-old self. He'd greatly appreciate it.

  • Like, hey, the video game part of Blood Omen is profoundly mediocre, but the part where it's a bunch of vampires delivering over-the-top soliloquy is A++

  • Darth Platformer may be my nemesis, but Raven Software will always live in my heart. No, seriously, I played like four Raven Software games this year and can say with some assurance that their hell existence making Warzone is a poor fate for them.

  • Finally got around to it this year; was not disappointed. Resident Evil is still a better survival horror.

  • A Tales game where your party of morally ambiguous scallywags very much causes problems for the Lawful Neutral Assholes who have saved the world.

  • Brought to you by the BURNFLAME spell and your friends at OFF THE DEEP END.